9 Things To Know About Norway Before Moving - Earthrelo
Things To Know About Norway Before Moving - Earthrelo
  • August 18, 2021

Moving to a new country comes with a lot of surprises. Especially, when everything from language, daily routines to expenses differ to an extent. 

Talking about relocation to a new country, Norway is a dream for many to live. It has been considered as the best nation in the world  by the United Nations Human Development Index. 

If you wish to relocate to Norway from USA, here are some facts you should know before moving.

1. Happiness Level 

Yes!  As the name suggests, Norway ranks 5th in the globe, in terms of happiness level of citizens. 

Major qualities a country should have are freedom, average income, generosity, healthcare, life expectancy and social support.  And we can definitely say, Norway exceeds them all.. 

2. Generosity Towards People

Norway takes care of their people in the best way possible. Average salary of any citizen is pretty decent and the unemployment rate is very low. Where the basic supply of water and food is provided to everyone. Compared to the USA, Norway has 6 times less homeless people. 

While, not going to lie, taxes are pretty high, that is a plus point as the education provided is pretty much free there. 

3. Healthcare 

Norway has more public hospitals than private ones, which is definitely beneficial to the citizens and their families. However, public hospitals are not free, while they are heavily subsidized by the central government. Moreover, healthcare till the age of 16 is free. 

It does have a universal healthcare system, which means if you have registered as a Norwain citizen, within 3 months you will get treated as much as a native. 

4. Equality towards all Genders 

While, gender equality means equal access to jobs, opportunities or other resources, access to all commodities and being treated with respect for all recognised genders, Norway gives it all.. 

Norway is considered as the most gender equal country in the world. Where, Equality and Gender Anti-discrimination act works to promote equality to all genders and helps to get equal opportunities. 

Norway isn’t the only country promoting gender equality, Iceland ranks first, while Finland and Sweden stand third and fourth on the list. 

5. Absolute Safety 

Norway is ranked 17th in terms of safety  according to the Global Peace Index. 

It has recorded the lowest crime rate consecutively over the years. 

Thus it is very safe for female immigrants and tourists to travel by. 

Even walking alone in the dark night is relatively safe with very less chances of getting robbed. 

6. Best Democracy in the World 

The reason behind the happiness index, growth and development of Norway is because of its free democracy. 

People there are responsible and have a great partnership with the lawmakers. 

They considered non voting as strange and don’t miss out any opportunity to make their country a better place to be. 

Also, Norway is not a member of European Union, there’s less immagration and hence the culture and ethnicity is well preserved. 

7. Economic gap 

While the gap between poor people and wealthiest people is very low compared to any developed country such as the USA. 

Norway government does take high taxes, but they don’t hesitate to use it back for the welfare of people, such as for healthcare, schools, public projects and transportation. 

Hence, due to a well-balanced structure there is very less gap between poor and wealthy people which creates equality and generosity for all. 

8. LGBTQ – Friendly 

Norwegians are liberal towards all the genders and give equal respect to any irrespective of their orientation, gender, or gender expression. 

Government is working on strengthening support for LGBTQ+ rights and providing them with utmost respect and commodities. Authorities are going to lay the foundation of work towards LGBTQ  by working with LGBTQ organisations and understanding them better.  

9. Visa System 

You can relocate to Norway with two types of Family Immigration visas. In almost every case, there should be an applicant and a reference person with valid ID proof of everyone. 

If a couple is applying, it is absolutely fine if they’re not married. They just have to have plans to live and work in the country for a long time, both of which have to be above 24 years of age. 

Here are some points you should consider before moving to Norway. 

However the choice is always yours.!

If you wish to move to Norway from USA, you can always contact movers near you or – “Earth Relo” from our official website and we can help you relocate with ease.

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