The Best Destinations for Living and Working in 2021 - Earthrelo
Best Destinations for Living and Working - Earthrelo
  • July 5, 2021

Digital Nomad Life has become a lifestyle for many zealous and enthusiastic millennials who have talent and an opportunity to work from anywhere. These shifting paradigms in our modern lifestyles allow us to explore the world without waiting for retirement in fear of missing out on any important opportunities in our professional life.

We can now afford the luxury to move to Europe, Australia, or even middle east without hurting a single brick in our career!

But then, too, one must figure out the practical aspects and cost of living, safety aspects, and healthcare facilities when thinking about moving to any dreamy destination that you have always wanted.

Undoubtedly, there are some great options to explore when wanting to move to a country; however, some would surely require a bit of extra effort to settle the aspects of living and earning together.

Often there are countries which allow you a splashy and fascinating lifestyle, but there are limits for expats and especially for remote workers. 

To smoothen the decision process for you, we have compiled a list of potential destinations that you can move to balance your work and leisure interests.

Move to Taiwan

When it comes to working abroad, indices and quality of life, moving to Taiwan wins the race with fair points.

The stable economy of Taiwan provides you with stability of your job and a quality healthcare system. The majority of expats who moved find the culture and people-friendly there.

Moreover, its incredible cuisine and beautiful surroundings will fulfill the desires of the hidden wanderer in you.

Move to Singapore

When it comes to the high quality of life in Asian culture, moving to Singapore is what you are looking for.

Singapore has a robust economy and excellent infrastructure, which allows you to live, work and play in a balanced manner. You can expect to have around $1000 to $1500 cost of living on an average per month in Singapore.

The people are friendly here, and the environment seems safe considering other developing Asian countries. 

Apart from that Singapore has practically been called a multicultural mecca filled with a beautiful blend of tourist destinations around the country, art festivals, and a stable political environment as well.

Move to Uruguay

If you want to move to a beautiful country without much of a hassle of paperwork, move to Uruguay!

This southern American country offers you world-class beaches as well as a permanent residency in around six to eight months in a normal covid-free year.

The approximate cost of living in Uruguay can be around $3000 a month. This second richest Latin country offers decent, affordable housing and a fair amount of expat communities who have moved there from the USA.

Move to Mexico

The ease of settling Index ranks Mexico as best among others. The cost of living is pretty low here, and more in that basket, you can get natural diversity and stunning vibrant architecture to explore without interrupting your work schedule!

On average, you can cut down your 50 to 60% expenses compared to the USA, including affordable housing and promising healthcare.

For those expats who prefer a laid-back lifestyle and want to work with the splendid views of world-class beach destinations, you must move to Mexico!

Move to Portugal

Who doesn’t dream of living in Europe and working for the rest of their lives around all the historic architecture and spectacular European culture with charming cities of Portugal?

Portugal is considered one of the most expat-friendly European countries with the zing of Spanish culture, although living here could be a bit expensive for international expats.

Apart from that, With the increased trends of remote working culture, Portugal has become one of the popular choices for Digital nomads; hence, co-working hubs are becoming quite a common thing around locals here.

I am sure its warm weather and delightful beaches will not let you go anywhere else once you move to Portugal!

Wrap Up

The knock of covid in past years has taught us many things, and it would be living in the moment while it lasts as the wheels of your lives can stop at any second, and one wouldn’t even know.

Whether you are seeking a European lifestyle or South Asian, there are numerous opportunities to explore the world while not settling for anything less in your career, then why wait?

Move to Europe or move to Asia, experience new culture, meet new people; satisfy your inner explorer while balancing your career as well.

Just about any developed or developing country is willing to give you all the support and assistance as a remote legal worker. Hence, do not restrict yourself with limited opportunities to explore. The best moving company in USA will help you explore this beautiful world!

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