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  • April 16, 2024

Each year, more than 15 million American households move house! In this article, we’ll cover the importance of protecting your most fragile items with a special type of packing – The Wooden Crate.

Most people know that cardboard boxes are a common packing material for most household items that need to be moved, but when it comes to your most fragile items, your relocation expert or crew may ask you to consider using a wooden crate for added protection. So, let’s take a look at what wood crating is and how it is best used.

What is wood crating?

Wood crating is exactly as it sounds – it’s a crate that is constructed using wood. It is a form of packaging used to transport items via air, sea, or even over land. Wooden crates come in a variety of sizes and can even be custom built to fit your specialty items during packing.

Smaller wooden crates are usually made with wooden slats. In comparison, larger crates are usually built using durable boards which are then nailed into a solid frame with 6 sides. The bottoms of the crates usually are attached to a pallet to make moving and lifting easier during transportation.

When should you use a wooden crate?

You’re likely wondering when a wooden crate may be suggested for moving your belongings. In recent years, wooden crates have become a popular packing method because of the added protection it gives. Your Earthrelo, relocation expert will help you when it comes to protecting your items, and will suggest a wooden crate for the following items:

  • Glass Tabletops
  • Some Mirrors
  • Marble
  • Statues
  • TV’s over 48”
  • Chandeliers
  • Taxidermy Items

In addition to these items, your relocation expert will recommend crating for any item that has sharp edges or could be easily damaged in the move. Remember, items on the DO NOT PACK LIST should not be moved in crates either.

Essentially, wooden crates are a great way to package your fragile items because they are durable, robust, sturdy, and versatile. If you have items that you believe should be crated, be sure to point those items out during your (PRE – MOVE SURVEY) and to your relocation expert during your initial call.

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What are the actual benefits associated with using a wooden crate?

While there are many benefits associated with using wooden crates for your move, your dedicated relocation expert will be able to guide you in choosing the best packing options for your move. But if you’re wondering why we may recommend crating over the traditional cardboard and paper wrap, here’s some additional benefits of the wooden crate:

Can be repurposed: For crates that are not customized to a specific piece, your wooden crate is able to be repurposed. Whether you decide to keep the crate in your home and use it for a unique storage look or if you return it to the movers for use in other moves – your crate will get used again!

Are easily stackable: Wooden crates are designed to withstand a massive amount of vertical pressure!  This means that your item remains protected inside its crate while the movers stack objects on top of and around your special items. Because the wooden crate can withstand immense pressure, you are guaranteed that your items will be protected during your local, interstate, or even international move!

They are eco-friendly: At Earthrelo, we are always considering our impact on the environment, and wooden crates are just one of the ways we can eliminate waste! Unlike some cardboard and plastic boxes, wooden crates are more environmentally friendly because they are made from natural and biodegradable materials.

What are the negatives of using a wooden crate?

There are a few more things you need to know about when it comes to choosing wooden crates for your move.

Can be expensive: At Earthrelo, we believe in transparent pricing, and we want you to know your real cost up front. Because of this, it’s important that you mention any specialty items when we speak and again at the time of your pre – move survey. This will ensure that we capture the items that will likely need crating in advance! We want you to have the very best moving experience and that starts with understanding your unique moving needs.

Are time – consuming: Unlike assembling cardboard boxes, wooden crate assembly can take more time because there are more steps involved. Knowing what items you’ll need crated in advance will ensure that we can pre – build any crating that is needed OR make sure that our 3rd party crater is ready to go on packing day to create the custom – built crates that you need.

They take up lots of space: Since wooden crates are designed to be different sizes, they can take up a lot of household storage space if you decide to keep them after your move.

At Earthrelo we want to remind you to always consult your relocation expert who will help guide you through the moving process – including choosing the best packing materials, crew size, and shipping method for your unique move.  We know you have a choice in movers, and we’re happy to be the best choice movers! If you’re ready to get moving – We’re here to help!

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