How to Move a Mobile Home for Free - Earthrelo
How to Move a Mobile Home for Free - Earthrelo
  • February 2, 2021


There are several reasons why you would want to move your mobile home from your present location. Perhaps you are tired of stepping out to meet the same set of people, or you just want to move to search for greener pastures elsewhere.

Well, there could be other reasons, but if you own a mobile home, you have the privilege of moving with your mobile home conveniently.

However, the thought of the cost and stress of moving your mobile home comes with an exasperating frown. Then you might begin to ask questions like, is there a way I can move a mobile home for free? Is there even any such thing as moving my mobile home for free? How feasible is that? These might probably be the questions you are asking right now, but here is a quick answer to your questions.

You can truly move your mobile home for free when you follow the right steps, utilize mobile home parks, and know the laws guiding mobile homes’ movement.

Basically, the primary way to move your mobile home for free is to make use of mobile home parks that are willing to let you move in for free. It isn’t as difficult as it may seem, but before that, you need to understand the laws guiding the movement of your mobile home to ensure that you do everything right.

4 Laws on Moving a Mobile Home You Need to Know

Several laws are guiding the movement of mobile homes in the United States. These laws depend on the state or county you are moving from and the area you are relocating to. Most times, your present state might have milder or more intricate laws regarding mobile homes than the city to plan to relocate to. That’s why it’s advisable to understand what the rules say regarding your relocation. Here are four laws on moving mobile homes that you should know.

4 Laws on Moving a Mobile Home You Need to Know - Earthrelo
4 Laws on Moving a Mobile Home You Need to Know

1. A Moving Permit Must be Acquired

The bitter truth is that you can never just get a truck to move your mobile home without obtaining a moving permit. Most people believe that this is an entirely stressful task because of the work and fees of getting a moving permit. But don’t panic, this article is about moving a mobile home for free, so you are covered. However, the moving permit you obtain will determine if:

  • You have a certificate from the county treasurer that proves you have no overdue or unpaid taxes on the property.
    • You have a certificate or a copy of the certificate of title. There are still counties or states that would require a copy of your application for a certificate of title that you submitted to your states’ department of motor vehicles.

It is highly recommended that you get all the required documents beforehand to save time and avoid disrupting your plans. Slow document acquisition is equivalent to delayed moving.

2. You must understand the laws guiding where you are moving

Understanding the laws regarding where you are moving your home from is not enough to land your home safely in your desired location. You will have to know what the law has to say about moving your mobile home to your new location. There are several intricacies in some counties as a great deal of focus may be placed on the age and size of your mobile home.

Suppose your mobile home is over fifteen years, you will be required to get all paperwork that proves the accurateness of the age and structure of the property. That’s why you need to understand the legal feasibility of moving your mobile home to ensure that you get yourself and your property ready to meet all the requirements.

3. You have to get professional help to move your mobile home

One thing that most people don’t know about moving their mobile home is that the law requires them to get licensed and insured moving companies to help get their mobile home safely to their desired location. Not all licensed moving companies are good enough to move your mobile home, so you must ensure to get based on referrals, or you can spend extra time researching the moving company you would love to utilize.

4. You must ensure that your home meets the HUD standards

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has some codes that guide all mobile homes in the country. The HUD Code was made in 1976, and there are rules for everything concerning mobile homes. This truly influences your chances of moving.

If your house was built before the HUD Code (1976), you may have some difficulties moving as modern houses are given more consideration regarding mobile homes’ conveyance. It is, however, essential to note that each county has its own rules as regards the age limit and structure of mobile homes.

How much does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home

The cost of moving a mobile home is dependent on so many factors. That’s why it’s often difficult to give an estimate of the average cost of moving because you would have to consider the distance to your new home, the cost of getting a moving permit, the set-up services, equipment for transporting the mobile home, and ultimately, the size and weight of the house.

Of course, the farther your desired moving location, the more costly the relocation, and the bigger the house, the more expensive the relocation would be. But when all things are considered and equal, the average moving cost for a single-wide mobile home could range from $5,000 to $8,000. It is pertinent to note that it could be less or more depending on the distance and set-up services. Also, the moving expenses for a double-wide mobile home could amount to $10,000 but can equally be as high as $12,000.

5 Things You Must Do When Moving a Mobile Home

5 Things You Must Do When Moving a Mobile Home - Earthrelo
5 Things You Must Do When Moving a Mobile Home

To make your move easier, here are five things you must do when moving your mobile home to ensure that you relocate safely to your dream location.

1. Get a professional mobile home mover

Many people don’t realize that moving a manufactured home is the job of the moving companies. Before you take the final step of your present location, ensure to get an excellent professional mobile home moving company. You can easily trust reliable moving company such as Earthrelo for moving your households to your new place. You can start by calling them (855) 553-2784​

Some other companies include Heavy Haulers and UShip. But it would also be useful if you got professional mobile home movers based on referrals or recommendations. To do this, you can meet mobile home investors or anyone you know that successfully moved their mobile home. These people can help in recommending the best mobile home moving company in your location.

2. Check the laws of the location you are moving to

It is essential to know what the laws require of you in your current location; it will also help if you knew what is stipulated by the law regarding moving your mobile home to your new location. Knowing this before you move will save you a great deal of time because you will get your permit and other things ready before moving.

3. Abide by park rules

Every mobile home park has its rules. If you plan to move your mobile home to a mobile home park, you will need to ensure that you stick to its rules regarding the size, age, and house structure. Most mobile home parks require all homes in the park to have a deck at all doors or a vinyl sliding. Aside from this, there are other rules or requirements, so do well to stick to them.

4. Get all paperwork beforehand

It is expected that the moment you start planning to move your mobile home, you should start getting all the paperwork ready. A delay in obtaining the useful and required things will hamper your relocation. You already know what is needed to move your mobile home, so start getting them now to hasten your move.  Also, most counties or states require that you obtain a moving and set-up permit. Others might want you to obtain gas, plumbing, and electrical connection permit before moving. That’s why it’s up to you to call the local permit office to determine what permit is needed.

5. Connect all utility  

The majority of people ignore the utility connection and end up regretting eventually. To avoid any, ‘I wish I had known’, try to utilize mobile home transporters or movers that help install all necessary utility after the home has been moved. This will help and save you the stress and time of searching for plumbers or electricians; however, if the mobile home moving company can’t help, you might have to search for a company that connects utilities at an affordable price.

How to Move a Mobile Home for Free - Earthrelo
How to Move a Mobile Home for Free


How much will it cost to move a mobile home?

The cost of moving a mobile home depends hugely on the distance, size, and mobile home moving company. However, the average cost of moving a mobile home is between $5000 and $8000.

Can you move a mobile home with a pickup truck?

Yes, of course, you can move a mobile home with a pickup truck provided it is correctly set up. When utilizing pickup trucks for moving mobile homes, ensure to set up the weight northwards if it has three axles. However, some other mediums or vehicles can transport a mobile home from place to place. Mobile homes can either be towed or hauled; it all depends on the size, weight, and location. For most mobile homes, they can be towed by a pickup truck, while others will likely be hauled by a trailer. But the setup involves quite a lot of knowledge and technique.

Can you move a mobile home with furniture in it?

No, a mobile home can not be moved with furniture in it. For most home movers, you will have to empty the mobile home before it can be moved entirely. Emptying it entails getting all utilities, flowers, and every piece of furniture, both indoor and outdoor, out of the house. So, ensure to empty the home and determine how temperate the weather would before moving.


Moving your mobile home is pretty easy when you utilize the right procedures. However, as the immediate context of the article, you can only move your mobile home for free when you make use of mobile home parks that are willing to let you move in for free. But this shouldn’t cut down the options you have because there are so many mobile home parks that you can move into, and there are also so many ways you can move your mobile home safely to your desired location. All that is needed is to know the laws, stick to them and get all the required paperwork early. Good luck with your move!

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