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  • January 31, 2022


Having a cat can be an enormously enjoyable relationship and also it infuses you with positive emotions of concern and companionship. Any cat owner will enlighten you just how much their furry pal helps them to relax and calm down. 

From slow blink to meow, kneading and following you from room to room, cats display their affection in many unique and remarkable ways but let me tell you that majority of the cats use their owner as a root of security as they may be relying on you to feel secure when they are frazzled. So it turns out to be a challenging task to settle your cat into new surroundings mainly when you shift from one state to another. Moving your cat across the country becomes very stressful for both you and your little fur brood. You may have questions in your mind – how do I ship cat to another state?

Now all your questions are answered here in the below steps which can make the transition easy for your cat to another state.

1. Secure updated vaccination certificate

The main step before moving your cat for shipping is to schedule a regular checkup with your local vet and get an up-to-date vaccination certificate close to the date of travel. Airlines have specific vaccine requirements depending on which state you are traveling to.

2. Contact airlines relating to your cat’s travel options

Check with the airline you are about to travel to whether they allow or not a pet within the cabin in the carrier underneath the seat in front of you, as under-seat areas differ among airlines. Buying an additional seat for your cat isn’t allowed so try to call the airline well in advance, as there are limited numbers of pets allowed on a flight. The other choice is flying your cat in the cargo which I like to recommend only if it is unavoidable.

Pro Tip: Try to keep the cat within the cabin together while flying if possible. Your cat will be calm and you both will feel safe. If you want to use this choice, book your flight early and ask the airline to make sure there’s space.

3. Book your itinerary in advance 

Try to book your airline tickets as early as possible to confirm a spot for your cat. You need to be cautious while selecting your seat while traveling with your cat as airlines don’t allow you to sit in an exit row or against a bulkhead as you must have seat ahead for your cat’s carrier.         

4. Pick the right carrier

It is essential to get the right carrier for your cat which is well-secured and designed for travel. Make assure and check with your airlines for specific size and type requirements. Once you have selected your carrier, purchase it early so your cat has time to get used to it. Set the carrier up in your home with a much-loved blanket and a few delicacies inside. Over the time, your cat can warm up to the carrier and may even start taking rest in it.

5. Carry a travel pack

Collect up all the nitty-gritty of travel for your cat before time, so you are not looking all over the place at the last minute. Your travel pack should have a handy litter tray, a small scoop, poop bags, and a few quantities of paper napkins. Some cats refuse to use the litter tray for hours while they’re anxious. If you’re flying overnight, your cats will probably want a litter break at some point.

Pack some drinking water and a little quantity of your cat’s preferred food. Swapping food while traveling can upset a cat’s stomach and you don’t want your little kitty to have additional anxiety.

6. Place an ID tag on your cat’s carrier

It is helpful to recognize your cat in case the carrier gets misplaced in the airport. Write your name, permanent address, contact number, and final destination on the ID tag.

Ship Cat To Another State: Tips For The Fly Day

  • Arrive at the airport early on the day of your flight and check-in at the ticket counter together with your cat if it’s flying within the cabin. If you had chosen the cargo as a flying option then it’s better to check with your airline regarding where to drop your cat as the cargo location could be at a different terminal.
  • When going through airport security screening, the cat’s carrier goes through the X-ray machine, so it’s a good idea to bring a harness which you need to tie your cat with the leash and carry through the screening device.
  • Don’t feed your cat on the day of travel. An empty stomach will limit the risk of motion sickness.
  • Try to use pheromone wipes to lower your cat’s anxiety. If you want to avoid medicating your cat, you can try a Thundershirt that wraps around your cat very much like swaddling a baby to reduce anxiety.
  • There is also pheromone calming collars available in the market that you can buy to relax your cat for the flight.


It’s best to check all required details of pet policies and carrier specifications directly with your airlines while planning a trip to ensure that your cat arrives at your destination safe and sound.

Now, with all the necessary details to be kept in mind, to ship a cat to another state becomes a bit easy. However, it always involves the efforts of doing the right things along with the risk of your cat reaching the desired destination in the perfect condition. Love for your pet will always make you cautious to put extra effort into taking care of them, what we just need to consider is taking the right steps towards it. Earthrelo has hands-on experience and expertise to safely ship cat to another state without bothering the cat-parent. Try our services and take a sigh of relief. 

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