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Moving With Kids Checklist - Earthrelo
  • October 10, 2020

Moving is a challenge for kids, who will undoubtedly need to adjust to a new school, make new friends, and remain active during the moving day. Use our moving with kids checklist to finding middle and primary schools, schedule childcare on moving day, and get organized so you can settle right into your new home.


8 Week Before

Search for Schools

Do you have children of school-age? Start looking for colleges in your new community now. There are plenty of school choices for parents when moving to a new neighborhood, from public schools to private schools. Details.

Talk to Your Children About Moving

Your children will feel more secure during the work shift if you involve them early in the conversation. Be attentive to their concerns and respond to them. If you have young kids, talk to them about the relocating process in their children’s books.

Make a bucket list for the whole family.

Before you find yourself in the midst of relocation chaos, jot down a family bucket list of everything you want to accomplish before leaving. It is not only entertaining for everyone in the family, but it may also give your children a sense of closure when relocating.

6 Week Before

Notify Schools of regarding Move

Now is the time to notify school authorities of your decision. Ensure that all records are moved as quickly as possible to begin the new college registration process. Please let your child’s new college know of any unique requirements or issues they may have.

Explore Family-Friendly Activities

Before moving with kids, find out what family-friendly activities are available in the new location. Children have several ways to engage in their new neighborhood, from sports teams and social clubs to summer camps and outdoor destinations. Encourage your children to learn about the area themselves with the help of manuals and the internet if they are old enough.

4 Week Before

Visit the school where your child will be attending.

Are you relocating to a nearby city? Before you relocate, visit your child’s new school.

Moving with kids - Earthrelo
Moving with kids

3 Week Before

Host a Farewell Party

It is never easy to say goodbye to an area for young kids. You can make it easier by hosting a goodbye party for your children. This will allow them to efficiently say goodbye to family, friends, neighbors, and other participants.

Make Child Care Arrangements on Moving Day.

Are you moving with kids or babies? You deserve a break, so arrange for a babysitter to look after your children on the day you relocate.

2 Week Before

Forwarding Medical Records

Please call your child’s current medical professionals to inform them of your move; if you haven’t chosen a new doctor, please ask for references from their current physician. You should arrange for all clinical records to be transferred too as soon as you have made your choice. Go on and also arrange all new physicians as well as dental expert consultations.

Day Before Moving 

Prepare a “First Night” Bag for Kids

Make sure to pack a “First-night” bag for the children with all their essentials the day before you move. Pack the following items into the First night bag :

  • wipes and diapers,
  • medicines,
  • first-aid kits, 
  • clothing, 
  • pajamas, 
  • plug ‘n play, 
  • high chairs, 
  • bouncy seats, 
  • favored playthings, 
  • stuffed pets, 
  • extra bags for filthy diapers as well as untidy garments, 
  • formula, 
  • juice, 
  • snacks, 
  • sippy mugs, 
  • containers, 
  • iPad with video games, 
  • Blankets, 
  • strollers, 
  • bathroom products,
  • a trash can and cleaning products. 

Relocation Day

Children in one part of the house

Unable to arrange a babysitter for your kids? If you do not have childcare on moving day, you will need to keep your children somewhere safe.

If your child is a toddler, you may want to consider putting him in a pack ‘n’ play during the move. Make sure that your kids are secure during the moving procedure.

Create a Moving Day Activity

To keep your children busy and engaged during a move, have a few relocating day activities available. You can choose from various card games, coloring books, iPad games, and new books to review.

Moving with kids checklist doesn’t just end here. We have also listed down a few points for you after you move to your new place with kids. 

After Moving

show Your Children Around the New House

Make sure that you provide your children with a trip to the new house when you move. If any unique features are present in the home, such as old trees or hidden stairwells, make sure to point them out.

Start by unpacking your child’s room.

When you unload, make sure to establish your kids’ space first. Having their old bed, acquainted playthings, and favorite publications in their new area will undoubtedly make them feel at home faster. It will certainly additionally develop tranquility, safe space for your kid.

Set Outdoor Games

Go on and establish outdoor play structures for your children, from basketball goals and trampolines to swing sets and zip lines. This will keep them entertained and active while you unpack your new home.

Let Your Child Pick a Paint Color

Select a paint color for your child’s room when moving to a new house. This will help make the moving experience more fun, but it will also give a sense of ownership for the homeowners in their new home.

Establish ground rules

Are you moving with school-age children? You’ll need to establish ground rules after moving into your new house. Swimming pool policies, bicycle restrictions, curfews, and areas where they aren’t allowed could be included.

Say hello to Neighbors.

Are you moving to a family-friendly neighborhood? If you have kids about the same age as your next-door neighbors, make a point to present your class on your own. Playmates and friends around the neighborhood will surely alleviate your child’s loneliness during the first couple of weeks after moving into a new residence.

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