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  • October 10, 2020


Packing and moving can be a huge task, but with the proper tools, it becomes easy.

When arranging a move, one of the most important details that could easily be ignored is ensuring you have sufficient moving supplies. Packaging with durable and robust moving boxes, cushioning, wrap, and tape helps you make sure about your belongings. Use our standard moving supply checklist from below and begin your stress-free packing today.

Before You Pack, Make Sure You Have the Right Moving Supplies

Before you pack, figure out which of your things require additional packaging and ensure you have all the moving supplies close by you’ll have to pack your possessions sufficiently. Here is a list of the things we suggest in the event that you are self-packing; in any case, if you don’t have enough time or energy to pack your valuables, then Earthrelo is always there to take care of you by our packing services for your move.  

Ultimate packing and moving supply checklist:

Moving Boxes

Boxes are the essential packing and moving supply you will use. The moving boxes you choose can make all the difference in how well your belongings are packed. Earthrelo recommends you get a variety of box sizes so that it gets easier to do the packaging. Most of the time, small boxes are used for heavy items and larger boxes are used for light but bulky items like fluffy pillows or beddings. To pack china or fragile items like dishes or flowerpots, use medium boxes along with box dividers.

Dish Pack Kit

Dish pack units are compartmentalized to oblige dinner plates serving mixed salad plates, saucers, and bowls. Most of these kits come with a foam padding to enclose and pack each piece separately

Glass Pack Kit

These kits have separate compartments to store and pack glassware, crystal, and stemware. Most of these kits come with a foam padding to enclose and pack each piece safely. 

Unprinted News Paper Wrapping

Using Unprinted news wrap is the most famous life hack, which is an ideal and inexpensive way to wrap your valuable, fragile items while packing. 

Bubble Wrap

The most famous and fun part of packing is using bubble wrap for most of us. Bubble wrap can be used to pack fragile items and to shield voids along the sides of boxes.

Labeling materials

It is highly recommended to label your packing boxes to avoid confusion and saving time for searching for specific items. For labeling, you can either write on the box itself or you can develope a color code using colored stickers. 


Cushioning is a crucial thing to do while packing your fragile valuables. 

Using foam wrap sheets or bubble wrap works very well when you are dealing with fragile items like china dishes and bowls. Along with that, the newspaper is also cost-effective options mostly used during packaging. Remember that newspaper does not have the same level of cushioning ability as other proper packing supplies; hence it is better to avoid using newspapers for high value belongings, which are really delicate items.

Stretch Plastic Wrap

If you are planning to bind together electrical cords, wires, dresser drawers, or random households like couch cushions, etc. it is always a good choice to use An industrial-strength version of your standard kitchen plastic wrap. It sometimes also acts as a protective barrier from scratches, dust.

Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are used to cover large appliances and furniture, which are highly durable.

Permanent Markers

During packaging, permanent markers are absolutely essential to communicate with your moving experts. You can also mark cardboard boxes with your inventory and its quantity or special instructions.

Box Tape Dispenser

To speed up the packing progress of a large number of boxes, the use of proper box tape dispenser along with tape gun would be great. Not to forget, Don’t forget to carry extra tape refills!

Box Cutter

A sharp box cutter si highly appreciated when it comes time to unloading. 

Packing tape

Getting the cheapest packing tape can be cost-effective and tempting, but Earthrelo highly recommends spending a few extra dollars more on a quality tape. Cheap tapes are often too thin to use easily, and it doesn’t have great sticking power which can be highly frustrating during the packing. You will always end up using much more tape than you would expect.

Cargo straps or rope

To keep your items from shifting or drifting around into your moving truck, cargo straps or cargo ropes are essential for packing and loading. 

There is a high risk of damaging your belongings without proper use of cargo straps to secure your items.

Tool set

While packing all your households by yourself, you might need to dismantle some of your shelves or furniture like the dining table. 

That moment a simple tool set would be very handy to disassemble your furniture quickly.

Garbage bags

Sometimes keeping garbage bags handy during packaging is useful. You can use garbage bags to throw away trash or also use it to pack few items like pillows, couch cushions or blankets.


Using a bucket is another life hack when packing your items. A bucket can be used for deep cleaning or also can be used as a garbage can. It is useful to store things inside a bucket with a lid. 


Keeping broom or sweep handy will save your time during packing your belonging also, it will be helpful keeping around the area clean at your old place and your new home. 

Utility knife

You can open boxes smoothly with a utility knife. Be careful about accidentally cutting your belongings as you slice through the tape.


We recommend spending a few more bucks on quality hefty padlocks instead of picking cheap padlocks are regular supermarkets. It is essential to keep all your earthly possessions secured during the move. 


It is essential to take care of yourself along with your belongings. Use protective work gloves to protect yourself from scrapes, cuts, and punctures.

Apart from all of these packing supplies mentioned above, it is helpful to understand what kind of boxes to use for packing up your household goods. 

Moving Boxes

The following are the few types of moving boxes which you should be aware about before jumping into packing.

  • Small Moving Boxes – Small boxes are recommended for heavy or fragile items that will ease the handling.
  • Medium Moving Boxes – Medium boxes are ideal for small appliances, also commonly used for packing dish pack and glass pack inserts for glassware.
  • Large Moving Boxes – Large boxes are ideal for lightweight items that take up most of the space like lamps, pillows, and clothing.
  • X-Large Moving Boxes – X-Large boxes are ideal for bulky yet lightweight, soft goods like comforters, blankets, clothing, and pillows.
  • Heavy-Duty Boxes – Heavy-duty boxes are ideal for packing electronics, book collections, and dishes.
  • Wardrobe Boxes – A wardrobe box comes with a hanger, which makes it easy to transport all your clothes without folding them.
  • Electronics Boxes – If you are planning to pack your entertainment devices like media players, sound stereos, and gaming systems, then using Electronics boxes would be a great choice.

A smooth packing and moving experience requires gathering the necessary supplies. We have created model checklists to help you organize and plan accordingly. Get your moving supplies ahead of time so you can enjoy a safe, well-organized move.

Are you interested in Earthrelo packing for you? Learn more about our packing and unpacking services here.

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