Put Down The Measuring Tape And Book Your Pre-move Survey - Earthrelo
Put Down The Measuring Tape And Book Your Premove Survey - Earthrelo
  • April 16, 2024

We’ve all done it before a move – taped off an area of the room and shifted items within that area to guess at the volume and number of boxes needed to move, or walked through our home, adding furniture pieces to an excel spreadsheet to use as an inventory. Using this method for a self-move is great to get an idea if everything will fit, but for a professional move, the best way to get an accurate price quote is the Pre – Move Survey.

The pre – move survey is a 30–60 minute (sometimes less) meeting with a moving expert who will walk you through a series of questions and then look through the contents of your home to prepare an accurate move quote. This survey can be done in a few different ways. Some moving companies prefer to use an in – person survey while others use virtual survey technology. No matter the method, the objective is the same – to get you an accurate quote for your upcoming move, with no surprise charges.

The Benefits of the Pre – Move Survey

There are many benefits to having a reputable moving company conduct a pre – move survey for your upcoming move, which include convenience and cost accuracy.

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The pre – move survey is the most accurate way to estimate the cost for a move and having a dedicated professional mover at your home allows you to ask questions that you may forget on a phone call.

It’s also important for the surveyor to see the items being moved and because they are specially trained in household moves, they know where to look and what questions to ask. A good example is kitchen cabinets – it’s easy to under – estimate the number of boxes needed for china, glasses, and other kitchen items like small appliances – a surveyor will know exactly what boxes will be needed and how many.

Another reason a pre – move survey is important is accounting for furniture pieces that will need to be disassembled / reassembled as some items require special handling through a 3rd party company. When that’s the case, knowing before move day is critical to a smooth transition for you and your family.

What to Expect

Whether you’ve chosen a physical survey or a virtual survey, the general process is similar. A surveyor or move counsellor will be assigned to your move and will contact you to arrange the survey at a day and time that is convenient for you. You should expect the survey to be done shortly after you’ve contacted the moving company regardless of when you expect to move.


On the day of your pre – move survey, it’s important for you to have thought about what items in your home are moving, what items may be left behind, and what items you may require storage for. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet but be sure to communicate that with your surveyor.

Physical Surveys

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If you’re doing a physical, in – person survey, expect your surveyor to arrive a few minutes before their scheduled appointment time. They should be able to provide you with their business card to confirm that they’re with the company that you’ve reached out to for a quotation.

Sometimes you may have several moving companies scheduled to visit your home – always ask for identification and confirm what moving company they are with. This will be important later when you’re choosing the best moving company for your move.

The physical survey entails the surveyor doing a complete walk – through of your home. You’ll guide them, room by room, pointing out the items that you plan to move and those you plan to leave behind or store.


Expect to open every cabinet, storage areas, attic space and garage. If you have outside storage like a tool shed, be sure to mention that to your surveyor. It’s also important to mention any storage units that you have if the contents of those are going.

While you walk through your home, the surveyor will use a tablet or a notebook to notate the expected volume, any items requiring special handling (LCD TVs, Pianos, Artwork), and any notes about access and preferred moving dates.

Once the survey is complete, your surveyor will be ready to answer any questions that you have about the moving process and will be able to give you estimated timelines for shipping. Your moving cost estimate will usually be available within 1-2 business days after the survey is complete.


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If your chosen moving company offers virtual surveys, they’ll likely have an app that you’ll download to your personal device and log – in.

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be instructed to record videos of yourself walking through each room in your home.



You should proceed slowly and remember the tips above – open every cabinet, every storage area, and include a video of the access points for the truck.

Some movers will use a virtual surveyor who will walk you through this process during the call.

Either way, the virtual survey is just as accurate and, in some instances, can be more convenient if your schedule is packed with things to do prior to the move!


While not recommended, the last possible survey type is the phone survey. This survey is done over a call with your surveyor where they’ll ask your questions to describe the items that are going / not going.

This places a heavy burden on you to know all of the details and could leave you with an inaccurate quote if you leave something important out. This type of survey can be used to get a general idea of what it would cost but expect there to be changes.

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It’s important to remember that this service is FREE! And is provided by all reliable moving companies. If you’ve already completed a survey, it’s not necessary that you must move with that company, and in fact getting multiple quotes can help you compare and move with the company that makes you feel most comfortable.

To Get your FREE no – cost estimate, call EARTHRELO today to schedule a pre – move survey. Our dedicated moving expert will walk you through the moving process and provide you with the information needed for your upcoming relocation.

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