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Top 8 Countries To Move From USA - Earthrelo
  • June 28, 2021

The pandemic year was quite a spinoff for most of us; however, along with many things, it has also made us all realize how short our lives can be.

These things give us a subtle yet a constant reminder that we must seize every opportunity to have experiences and have a life that would make us realize how stiff our lifestyle has become and make us get a fresh perspective towards our native country, towards our roots as well.

As the USA is considered one of the ideal countries to make your career and raise your family, how about your retirement plans? 

Would you want to live through the hustle and bustle your entire life? 

Wouldn’t you want to stretch your access to resources and have a peaceful life too!

Whichever is your reason from the above, one of the most significant advantages of being an American citizen is facing fewer complexities while moving to other countries across any corner of the Globe.

Indeed, there are several countries out there that give the warmest welcome to the American Natives. Also, you will get supportive guidance and help from the best moving companies in USA to migrate from your current life into abundant opportunities. 

We have curated this list of the top 8 countries worldwide considering various factors like financial resources, lifestyle, culture, and of course, the pros and cons of moving for an American expat.

Top 8 Countries to move from USA

This list will answer one of the central questions: which is the best country to move from USA? Along with your priorities and preferences, the right moving company in USA will migrate you to your next destination for your second-phase of life. 

New Zealand

Let’s get started with one of the nature-rich and developed countries, New Zealand!

The indigenous culture of this beautiful country has been curated with a mixture of active volcanoes, sparkling waterfalls, and blooming agriculture.

If we talk about the cost of living, it is a bit more expensive than the United States of America. Still, if you want to take jobs in industries like tourism, agriculture, and hospitality, the salaries are pretty high compared to Western countries.

One of the drawbacks for permanent residency is that you would need an employer or one of the desired skills from the criteria of the New Zealand Govt.

If you’ve been a New Jersey citizen, then the best moving company in New Jersey will help you migrate to New Zealand with much simplicity. 


Apart from excellent beers and schnitzel, Germany has a lot to offer to Americans. Getting a three-month visa to visit the country is not a big deal; however, it can be a bit clumsy if you intend to stay a little longer.

Germany is a pretty appealing country, mainly to the millennials and the students. 

Moreover, only around 50% of people speak English; therefore, learning a few German slangs or words would not harm.

Furthermore, the excellent education system, plentiful employment, and investment opportunities turn out to be the significant factors that you can not miss.


Canada is already a pretty popular choice amongst Asian countries to move to, although it indeed has a lot to offer to Americans as well.

According to the Best country to live in 2021 report, Canada comes first even amongst these pandemic circumstances.

Undoubtedly, the free social healthcare system is one of the most significant fascinating factors for many to consider this country the ideal choice to migrate to. Moreover, the cost of living is almost the same as the neighboring country USA. 

Cut your journey short when moving from US to Canada, as the top moving company in California will make it possible for you.


With 100% English-speaking people, Australia is one of the largest diversified western countries despite its location on the southeast side. It is undoubtedly the best country to move from America

It is comparatively convenient to apply for a work visa in 7 to 8 different ways from other western developed countries. 

Moreover, if you want to earn permanent residency, it can be achieved through various pathways, including setting up a business, making an investment, or having a stable job.

The only drawback here that you would have to face is a lengthy and a bit expensive air transportation from the United States of America. Usually, the flights take a minimum of 15 to 20 hours with the connecting legs.

So, make sure that your packers and movers shift your every essential in one go to minimize the expenditure!


Spain is the ideal destination for digital nomads and freelancers, as this is one of the few affordable countries in Europe with a meager employment rate.

If you fancy the coastal enclaves, then Spain is just right for you! As well as all the moving companies in the USA will enthusiastically encourage you to board your tickets. 

For travel geeks moving to Spain is kind of a win-win situation, as the perfect balance of fine weather and delicious Mediterranean food is a hard pass to make. 

Obtaining a work visa could be a messy process, although, compared to other European countries.

Culture vise Spanish culture highly promotes fiestas and family meals, making the families come closer and becoming a wonderful place to live for young families. On the other hand, learning basic Spanish would be advisable.

South Korea

Apart from its wildly famous delicious cuisine, K-beauty and K-pop, this country has several hidden gems in itself.

South Korea has a metropolitan feel with the mountainous breeze. One of the significant factors that attract many expats is its low cost of living. You can make savings without much of an effort in South Korea.

On the other hand, the housing part could be difficult as South Korea is overpopulated with a moderate amount of space to live. However, the right moving company in USA will help you with that too!

One of the most complex parts is finding constant visa-friendly jobs as per your profile. Establishing your business can get you on the path to getting permanent residency in South Korea.


Singapore is known as one of the smallest yet most developed countries around the Globe. An easy and convenient transportation facility will allow you to indulge more in Singapore’s stunning gardens and parks.

Its business-friendly climate, high standard of living, and better educational opportunities have put this country at the top of the global charts!

Migrating from USA to Singapore is not as easy as thought, and hence the top mover company in USA will show you and lead you on the right path.


In southeast Asia, Vietnam has one of the fastest-growing economies. The highest advantage is its low-cost lifestyle, making Americans thrive almost at half the price that they would pay in the USA.

The culture-rich cities and availability of all modern resources can be the most suitable place for any expat, especially from the digital nomad community.

Cost-effectiveness and warm culture can be a tradeoff for pollution and unstable visa regulations, though. With a wise movers service, your migration from USA to Vietnam will be smooth as silk. 


In summary, there are numerous factors to consider when you want to move from USA to another country, including lifestyle, cost of living, and security. Choosing your partner moving company in USA is challenging with the number of options available.
However, the experience of living with new people from different cultures is priceless, and it gives you a different perspective in many ways; it makes you grow and adds value to your overall personality. The best moving company in USA will vanish your hurdles and set you in your new country life. 

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