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  • January 31, 2022


You are moving to a different country and the transportation of all of your belongings and personal effects have been taken care of. Yet, your cat, which is probably the most important cargo, is waiting to be transported to another country and you are scratching your head, thinking about how much it will cost to transport your cat to the country you intend to live in after moving. 

There are a lot of factors that you will need to look into in order to calculate the total cost of transporting your cat to a different country. Let’s have a look at the breakdown of the cost while you transport cat across country.

Transport Cat Across Country: The Process

Since transporting cats to a different country is a long procedure, it will be extremely problematic for you to do it all together. If you are unable to complete the required processes or are unable to produce the required documentation, your pet stands a good chance of being deported. Professional pet movers have dedicated teams who will put everything together for you and have all information available to you on a single call.

Earthrelo has a record of satisfying each and every pet parent to make their as well as their pet’s moving an effortless task. If things go South or if there are any setbacks, they will handle everything for you be it problems faced in documentation or any fees, surcharges, new fees, or last-minute changes in transport that will surely pose an inconvenience to you during your travel if you are arranging for transporting your cat to a different country by yourself. Rest assured, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your cat’s journey will be made possible without the slightest problem.

Transport Cat Across Country: Cost Evaluation

1. Travel Crate

Your cat will need to travel in a comfortable space and travel crates are the best. Not only does it provide comfort to the cat, but it also ensures that you do not have to worry about the safety of your cat or the chances of it escaping. A good travel crate that is preferred the most and is also in terms with most airline policies can cost you anywhere between 50$-200$ USD.

2. Medical

Your cat will need to be vaccinated and along with that, you will need to obtain certifications for which certain tests like a Titer test will need to be conducted. Other blood tests range between hundreds of dollars. If your cat requires medications, you will need to account for that. Depending upon which country you would like to transport your cat to, the cost of obtaining the certificates and the required vaccinations vary and can go up to 1000$ USD. You will also need to factor in the medical treatment that might be required for your cat after reaching your destination in case it falls sick there. 

3. Travel

Depending on how you travel, and how far you travel, the cost of traveling differs. For example, if you are traveling by air, the cost will generally be more than your own because the cats need to be looked after. If there is a layover, the cost will increase as compared to a non-stop flight from the source to the destination. Road travel has become more popular in the pandemic era because of the change in airline policy. The typical cost of air travel on average is 800$, but it fluctuates depending on which country you are traveling to. Road travel to transport your cat costs on average around 2300$ USD and more than 6000$ USD for an international journey. 

4. Customs and import

You will need to pay a customs fee for gaining the customs clearance to bring your cat into a different country. These can also include various taxes, tariffs, fees, or even brokerage. You can ask the airline your pet will be flying with for a quote. The fees vary in individual countries. Some countries require you to obtain an import permit beforehand without which your pet will not be granted entry into the country, and their price also varies from country to country. 

5. Quarantine

Certain countries require your cat to be quarantined for a particular time. The cats will be kept at a quarantine facility and the cost of quarantine not only covers accommodation, but also food, walks, and medical care if required.

Thus, the costs of transporting your cat to a different country vary and it depends upon which country you will be traveling to. The costs will also significantly change because of the entry requirements. Some countries require significantly more documentation and clearance which will increase the price of shipping your cat.


If you think that doing the entire process of transporting your cat to a different country is too cumbersome and stressful for you, you can consult us for your pet relocation. We are well-versed with the logistics and the requirements to transport your cat to the destination country. This is made possible because of a network of pet movers who are constantly in touch with us. We also have backup plans in case things do not go the way they were planned. When you are shifting, it is not only your cat that will be transported to a different country. We look after your relocation as well.

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