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No one can resist the beauty of New Zealand, Once you lay your eyes on the landscape of dreamy ‘Lord of the Rings locations you wouldn’t want to go back. In addition to that, with time, Auckland has been turned into a multicultural hub of music, food, arts, and culture that no Expat can resist having experience of! If we look into it, there are plenty of factors like a high-quality lifestyle and family-friendly social environment that attract Expats from numerous corners of the globe.

This city of sails has so many qualities that the list of nicknames could take you several hours. With more than 14,00,000 people residing in Auckland, it has become one of the most populous urban areas in the country consisting almost more than one third of the population of New Zealand. Yet, with the beautiful amalgamation of delicious food, art, and colors, Auckland has become one of the top vibrant and desired places to live in the country.

As an American moving to Auckland, you can face multiple major changes from climate to the local lifestyles. When it comes to the climate, Auckland has one of the best climate situations as without any extreme temperature, it has this intoxicating blend of amazingly warm and coastal climate compared to the USA. The prominent reason responsible for this climate situation is its geographical position in between the Tasman sea and the Pacific ocean. Due to which, it has a warm and humid atmosphere in summers while the winters are generally mild and damp.

This largest pacific city is home to several hip cafes and exquisite restaurants with world-class cuisines, which will not just satisfy your taste buds but also will soothe your soul with a beautiful blend of Samoa, Fiji, and tonga island cultural flavors.

When such a charming culture is waiting for you, do not resist and take a first step towards the chapter of an adventure with one of the best International moving companies Auckland.

Move with us. At earthrelo, we assure the utmost comfort and flexibility by minimizing the complex part of the international relocation journey. Read this end-to-end guide for Auckland and give a headstart to your journey towards the city of natural wonders!

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Relocating To Auckland From Us

Auckland has quite strict rules for the customs, which as an Expat, you should keep in mind before putting any relocation plan in action. Hence, it can be a bit complicated to get your belongings moved to the city. However, it would not be much difficult for an international Expat with precise preventive measures.

To make the relocation process to Auckland from us as convenient as possible, you need to make sure you declare your belongings and get them measured from the authorities precisely at the time of entering the borders. Having said that, also keep in mind if you possess or bring any risky possessions, the chances are bright. It might get destroyed or confiscated.

In order to get your belongings cleared, you need to prepare proper documentation for it and get it submitted to the Ministry of Primary Industries, widely known as MPI. Moreover, no matter if you are shipping your belongings by air or through the sea, you would be inspected at the borders in order to identify the possibilities of the risky goods you may have brought with you.

Apart from that, consider the below points before shipping your furniture or delicate belongings to Auckland to pass each inspection procedure without any hurdles.

  • Do not missout to enlist any items that fall under the risk items list to the MPI.
  • Fill out the passenger arrival card when entering the country while declaring all your belongings.
  • Make sure you do not bring items that are considered hazardous as they could get quarantined and, if necessary, could be destroyed within seconds by the authorities.
  • Get the documents like a passport, a full inventory statement of the items you brought, and shipping arrival papers handy at the shipment arrival time.

American Working In Auckland

Knowing and understanding the job market of Auckland would be a successful first step compilation of your relocation process. If you are moving to Auckland from US with your family having stable employment as the primary objective, it would be better to secure your job before commencing your journey to the city.

On average, Auckland promises high-end paying jobs than any other big city of New Zealand by offering jobs above the average national incomes of an individual in the country. That automatically puts the city on the top of the charts in the Expats choice.

In addition, Auckland promotes the small business culture, which allows you to follow your positive can-do attitude by breaking the conventional ways of bureaucracy and hierarchy in the corporate world.

To be precise, many job profiles and job roles can get you a high-end salary. However, the highest-earning jobs in Auckland would be C-level executives, Data scientists, Dentists, and Finance Managers. However, you can check the below data for the precise estimation of the job market in Auckland.

Job Profile Annual Salary
C Level Executive $131,600
Data Scintist $89,000
Dentist $89,500
Finance Manager $74,000
IT Project Manager $69,400
Physician $64,700
Attorney $58,400
HR Manager $57,200
Web Designer $54,400
Business Development Executive $48,800
Lecturer $48,000
Research Analyst $42,100
Teacher $39,500
Cashier $19,400
Receptionist $21,900

Overall, the local economy of Auckland thrives with the Real-estate sector and the service and financial sector. So you can check the required skills list of the country before you take any significant actions to begin your relocation to Auckland from US.

Healthcare For American People

Auckland has a decent healthcare system for all its residents and Expats. Typically, the line between private medical care and public healthcare services is somewhat gets blurred so take precise steps before approaching any medical assistance. Here, healthcare assistance is affordable and easily accessible in the urban areas as it could be a bit difficult in remote or village areas. Overall, Auckland offers pretty advanced services in the healthcare service.

If we dig deeper and steer up the history, the country only had a public healthcare system till late 1900, but it got opened for private healthcare services for the public in the beginning of the next decade.

Typically, few significant things are covered in the public healthcare offered by the government, like treatments, x-rays, prescribed medical assistance, and some laboratory tests taken by any public hospitals or clinics.

Apart from that, the government’s public health insurance “No-Fault,” vastly known as Accident Compensation Corporation, covers every damage from any accidental crisis. Although, it would be worth noting that the policy would not cover other medical services like optometry and dental.

Housing And Accommodation

Trams and railway lines dominate Auckland’s basic structure of transportation as the rapid expansion of the city has happened at the beginning part of the 20th century.

For the Expats who want to travel minimally without getting stuck with the city’s traffic, taking the trains would be the ideal option as multiple lines connect the southeast Auckland, west and southern part of Auckland with several lines. Moreover, in terms of international traveling, the Auckland airport is considered one of the busiest airports in the country, connecting direct flights to multiple countries through numerous airlines. And as Auckland is the coastal city of the country, you can even get multiple options for transportation through ferries for surrounding islands from the Auckland CBD as well.

Auckland CBD is considered one of the popular choices for Expats to settle in. There are multiple advantages of living in or near the Central Business District. And if we have to name a few convenient transportations, better work opportunities, and culture-rich community to live with.

Hence, if you still have not decided on the locations yet, consider these top 6 locations to live once you move to Auckland from US.

  • Parnell
  • Ponsonby
  • Howick
  • Devonport
  • Newmarket
  • Auckland CBD

As far as the housing facilities are concerned, as an Expat you will get plenty of options of accommodation based on your choice and budget. However, the numbers of the monthly rent may drastically change due to multiple factors. The location and the size of the apartment or house you rent are considered at the top. For instance, You may find the rent of the Ponsonby / Freemans Bay area pretty high compared to Otahuhu.

Typically, the weekly rent is around $500 to $600 for a 3 BHK in Auckland although, you can find pretty cheaper rates for one-quarter of the property size. You can take the precise estimation based on below weekly rent numbers based on different localities.

Weekly Auckland Central rents for two Bedroom

Location Cheaper Dearer Average
Epsom $490 $622 $550
Avondale $450 $525 $495
Parnell $625 $783 $690
Freemans bay/ Ponsonby $660 $875 $725
Otahuhu $417 $492 $450

Weekly Auckland Central rents for three Bedroom

Location Cheaper Dearer Average
Epsom $632 $803 $730
Avondale $560 $622 $590
Parnell $875 $1,050 $950
Freemans bay/ Ponsonby $850 $1,050 $950
Otahuhu $500 $590 $550

Visa And Registration

New Zealand has many Visa categories that allow you to settle in and start a new life in the country. And having said that, they are always looking for world-class talent to invite to their country. However, New Zealand has quite a tight period frame for the visa procedure. There are more than 80 types of visa permits from which the Expat can apply but, the type of visa you should acquire completely depends on the time you want to spend in the country and the type of job offer you have.

Most New Zealand visa follows the single application process, which includes applying online as per the applicant profile you need to apply for the same. For the employment and the work visa as an Expat, you will get multiple options to choose from, for instance.

  • Business Visitor Visa
  • Entrepreneurial Visa
  • Investment Visa
  • Self-employment Visa

In order to apply for any of these visas, make sure you have got basic documents prepared like the passport, Employment details, reference letters from the previous company that you have worked for, identity proofs, and most importantly significant bank balance in your account if you do not want to worry about the financial aspects at least for the first six months from your relocation to Auckland from US.

Education In Aukland

While contemplating relocating to Auckland from us with your entire family, you need to take extra precautions considering the future of your loved ones depends upon you. And giving profound education to your kids is one of those things where you can not make any compromises.

New Zealand has ranked amongst the top 20 OECD countries providing excellent education. And Auckland is one of the best cities in New Zealand where you find some of the top-notch schools and universities for the students. It has a diverse mixture of composite schools, primary and secondary schools. However, if we have to divide into the various section, it could be divided into three:

  1. Early childhood education (For upto 5-year-old kids)
  2. Primary and secondary schooling(5 to 19 years of age)
  3. Vocational training and higher education

In order to avoid overcrowding, the schools prefer placing students corresponding to their residing areas. In case of the situation where the applicants are more than the seats vacant, the schools hold a ballot and will declare the result after three consecutive days.

Furthermore, for higher education, many universities like Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, and the University of Auckland attract a fair amount of overseas students from across the globe. Specifically, students from southeast Asia part opt for Auckland for their higher education as it offers dynamic courses for multiple streams, including science, commerce, and Arts.

Cost Of Living In Aukland

Undoubtedly, New Zealand comes under one of the most exquisite countries across the globe due to the beautiful combination of breathtaking mountains in remote islands and urban areas full of skyscrapers. But, as every beauty has its price, this one has it too!

The standard of living in Auckland might be a bit more expensive than in The USA, varying between $3500 to $6000 depending upon the size of your family and the lifestyle you opt for living.

Although every economy class has a distinctive lifestyle, there are few basic cost necessities that you are required to pay to spend no matter how you want to explore Auckland. The detailed summary of the average cost of living in Auckland is below, giving you a panoramic view of how much the Auckland lifestyle can cost you on dynamic levels.

Expenses Monthly Expenses
Meal for two 122 NZ$
Domestic Beer 10 NZ$
Milk 3 NZ$
One way public transport ticket 4 NZ$
1 liter Gasoline 2.5 NZ$
Basic Utililites 207 NZ$
Internet 77 NZ$
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 516.34TL
Fitness club for 1 month(1 adult) 70 NZ$
Preschool tuition fees 1000 NZ$
1 bedroom apt in city center
1925 NZ$
Taxi Tariff for 1 km 3 NZ$

These details will give an in-depth idea about what to anticipate financially before landing on the soil of Auckland. As Auckland ranks at 104 as one of the popular countries for travelers, living costs tend to go steadily higher with time.


Having an experience of living in the country’s economic powerhouse is nothing but a privilege to the international Expats. Large scale companies are springing up in the city, making it the fastest-growing city across the globe then why should you wait? Get the exceptional experience of the Maori culture in the city, where several doors are open for you, bringing thousands of lucrative job opportunities.

Move to Auckland from the USA with seasoned professionals who will make your move a better experience with end-to-end moving services.

Connect with Earthrelo, one of the best Moving companies in Auckland to begin your journey of relocation in the best way possible. So, what are you waiting for? Get your free quick quote now!

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