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From modern lifestyle to perfect year-round weather, This Garden city of India has everything to charm you towards itself. Bangalore is another city of India and a globally renowned IT hub that opens a huge window of opportunities if you are working in the tech world. And no wonder why this metropolitan city tops the charts when it comes to the choice of young Innovators and entrepreneurs.

Apart from the several opportunities, Bangalore is one of the most populated cities in India, currently with more than 12 million people and to be estimated to be doubled by only the next couple of years.

At first glance, Bangalore seems to be the patchwork of low-slung buildings and bad roads, overall a general bad sprawl, but once you settle in, you will realize this metropolis has a very chic and cosmopolitan lifestyle that you would not resist to have more once you taste it. Even for those who are not tech-savvy and want to indulge in moving around leisurely in the city, Bangalore has something for everyone kind of lifestyle to offer. From vibrant nightlife to various green spaces to explore, you can find everything you like in Bangalore.

Sure, as an American, moving to Bangalore could be a bit distinctive experience compared to the western countries as you would face numerous cultural shocks as well as a different work environment, but local people in Bangalore are welcoming and always has a warm approach to welcome the Expats in the city with their delicious south-Indian food and amazing hospitality.

Before starting the journey of your move to Banglore from US, go through this panoramic view of Bangalore life for Expats.

Quick Fact: Even though Bangalore is vastly famous for its tech-enhanced society, it has also one of the high concentrations of places of worship combining all three cultures of India recording the highest number of churches, mosques, and temples of India in the city

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Moving To Bangalore From US

The USA and India are poles apart, Geographically speaking. So it would be pretty rational to think how difficult it can be when it comes to relocating your precious household things to one continent from another.

If you leave the huge cost of shifting your belongings, the entire moving process could be tiresome if you do not deal with it properly.

Before starting the actual relocation process, sit aside and brush through various options you can approach for relocating to Bangalore from the US.

The prominent shipping options are from Sea, Air, or cargo. One can opt for anything that falls under the bar of their budget and convenience.

Here is the rough estimate of the average requirements of Frights from the USA to Bangalore. However, do keep in mind it can vary as per the size of your move and which service provider you opt for.

Air Freight

If you want to get done with your shipping process as swiftly as possible, by Air is the perfect way to opt for it. Airfreight will give you a thorough assurance that your belongings reach your final destination in a few days rather than taking several weeks.

But yes, this difference in cost between Sea Freight and Air Freight could be immense. Therefore, for a quick and simple relocation to Bangalore from US, you need to be prepared to throw a few more bucks on the road.

On average, this cost could go up from $1000 to $5000 based on the type of belongings you are shipping to Bangalore.

Sea Freight

Surely, Sea Freight is a pretty cost-effective option compared to Air Freight. Mathematically speaking, it can save about 12 to 14 times compared to shipping through the Air.

Per cubic foot, the Sea Freight can cost you between $80 to $160. But, Sea Freight could not be the ideal option if you are in the middle of a family emergency or just have accepted a job in Bangalore and the joining date is quite close.


Expats mostly adopt this option for shifting their belongings internationally. Although, the catch here is that every cargo carrier has distinctive rules regarding what items you can ship and how and what type of packing must be done before sending them off.

Hence, you better connect with a well reputed and vastly experienced moving company in Bangalore to get the best quotation for your relocation.

When you are spanning through oceans and shifting continents while relocating, it’s essential to make the relocation process as smooth as possible.

Hence, make sure you connect with one of the seasoned international moving companies in Bangalore that can make your journey as stress-free as possible.


It’s not a secret anymore that Bangalore is becoming one of the globally renowned tech hubs giving strong competition to Shanghai or the silicon valley of the USA.

When the basic infrastructure is efficient and the economy is robust, then the employment situation must be at its best, and it is indeed. Bangalore has registered the highest salary offers to tech experts all over India.

However, apart from tech-oriented job opportunities in Bangalore, it has several other industry-specific jobs as well.

Let’s dig in and crunch some numbers regarding the average salaries of some of the working professionals in Bangalore.

Job Profile Monthly Salaries
Healthcare Consultant $1,800
Program Manager $2,000
Data Scientist $1,300
Software Developer $700
Journalist $450
Accountant $270
Graphic Designer $270
Content Writer $270

Housing And Accommodation

It is said, home is where the heart is! And even if you are miles away from your country Bangalore has a lot of space in its heart that can make you feel at home even if you are miles away from your home.

If you move to Bangalore from US with your family, you will get numerous choices of local residential areas that are pretty safe and secure for women and have good schools for kids. You can pick your home in Ulsoor, Indiranagar, or Malleshwaram but the quality of life is guaranteed! Any of these local areas will make you feel safe, and undoubtedly, their people will welcome you with their whole hearts.

The accommodation cost in Bangalore can fluctuate between 6000 INR to 20000 INR depending on the size of your housing facilities.

Housing Facility Rent Price Range
1BHK Rs. 11,000/- to Rs. 18,000/-
2BHK Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 25,000/-
3BHK Rs. 27,000/- to Rs. 44,000/-
PG Rs. 6000/- to Rs. 20,000/-

Visa And Registration

The booming Indian economy attracts thousands of Expats every year to move to India with open hands. However, if you plan to stay for a long period, you would require a proper visa approval even if you are a US citizen.

Typically, if you are moving to Bangalore from the US with a job letter in hand, you would not need to complete so many formalities as your employer would have already done the entire process. However, if you haven’t secured a job yet and are planning to stay in Bangalore for a longer period, you would require to arrange the Visa process by yourself.

A 5-year long visa is granted for those who fall under these criteria in general,

  • Who had an Indian passport at some point but given up for another country’s citizenship
  • An individual whose grandparents, parents, or great-grandparents were Indian citizens or were born in India
  • An individual with an Indian spouse

For a five-year-long visa, the basic requirements of documents will be,

  • A valid passport with the at least validity of 6 or months
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Proof of the applicants’ Indian origin
  • Filled and signed the Visa application form
    Passport of the spouse/parents
  • A letter of authorization and declaration statement

Suppose the individual does not fall into the criteria list of five years visas. In that case, they can apply for an employment visa or the business visa as well if they have secured a job before their arrival in the country.


Indians give immense importance to the education of their kids. Hence, the competition level is quite tight in the social environment; therefore, the pressure is always there on the Indian parents to put their kids in the best available schools.

In India, the education system is prominently divided into four levels.

  • Primary level
  • Upper Primary section
  • Secondary school
  • Higher secondary school

Unlike the US with a grade system, here you can find the 10+2 standards model combining the total schooling years. Generally, state government schools take charge of the public schooling systems.

Apart from that, CISCE and CBSC boards are also one of the standard governing schools in India.

Preprimary schooling is for kids of the age of 4 to 6 years, and after that, kids who fall into the age group of 6 to 11 years attend primary schooling. Kannada is the local language of Karnataka; hence, the basic level of Kanada would be there in the primary level syllabus.

When the kids get into the 11th and 12th standard, which is primarily known as the Pre-university years, the students have to decide their major streams from Science, Commerce, and Arts. And further university education will proceed as per the stream of their choice.

For high schooling and college, Bangalore has become an education hub as there are colleges and institutions like IIM and IIT there, which possess the education level of global standards offering the students numerous varieties of highly valued programs to select from.

Cost Of Living In Banagalore

One of the most alluring factors for Americans that brings them to India is its cost-effectiveness. One of the biggest advantages of moving to Bangalore from US is you can live a luxurious high-end lifestyle here even in less than half you spend in the USA.

Bangalore is considered a whirlwind of chic cafes, fancy malls, and luxurious lifestyles. Apart from the accommodation, the transport system is decent and gives you plenty of options to choose from. Like, auto rickshaw, public buses, or the rented two wheels.

Nevertheless, if you are planning a relocation to Bangalore from US alone, with a partner, or with your family, everything has a price to pay.

Let’s figure out how the cost of living in Bangalore can affect the size of your wallet. This rough estimation will give you a fair idea about how much you should anticipate spending after moving to Bangalore from USA.

Good/Service Range of Cost for an Individual
Groceries 1000 INR
Local Transport(One-way Ticket) 50 INR
Monthly Pass of local transport 1500 INR
Leisure and entertainment 2000 INR
Basic Utilities 1100 to 3700 INR
Childcare and schooling Starts from 10000 INR


Moving to Bangalore from the US is not necessarily an easy step for every expat, even not for the experienced ones. Bangalore represents an amazing combination of high-tech India and Kannada’s culture-rich part of the country.

But it provides profound diversity and people with warm hearts who will never let the nostalgia bug bite you. And the immense work opportunities are always there to take your career to the next level with the perfect balance of a family-friendly environment.

Now, who would not want to experience such an interesting chapter in life? Earthrelo helps you live your dream in Bangalore with ease and comfort by making the relocation process as smooth as a glider.

Then why wait, take advantage of this fountain of opportunities and possibilities, and move to Bangalore with Earthrelo!

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