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Hong Kong is a profound example of the coexistence of two robust concepts of capitalism and socialism under one roof. If you go and try to find one good thing about Hong Kong, you will find several others. This south-Asian tip of mainland China has so many gems that seem to outweigh the negative sides of the country.

Hong Kong is considered the springboard of Asia from where you can reach any destination like Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and many more in just one direct flight. And it’s not only that, this Urban jungle is full of mesmerizing landscapes that cover almost 70 percent of the total area that give you an advantage of the countryside experience where you can take a peek out of your daily hustles and get indulged in the views of beautiful beaches or the mountains just 15 minutes away from the city. Furthermore, this country makes sure you never get bored of your daily routine; hence, in its pleasant weather and outskirt locations you can always go hiking, cycling, campings, or take beach barbecues and boat trips around 300 hills and 250 islands around the country.

Apart from breathtaking views, Hong Kong is vastly famous as the Culinary Capital of Asia. With the immense varieties of seafood, you can find any cuisines from Thai, Lebanese, Vietnamese, American, and Italian Cuisine. In addition to that, you can also get your tastebuds indulged in a wide range of street food delicacies.

When there are so many things to explore in Hong Kong, why limit yourself? Move to Hong Kong from the US to get the advantage of million-dollar opportunities with the pleasure of a laid-back lifestyle.

Let’s get started with this 360-degree guide covering each dimension of Hong Kong to get you acquainted with this amazing city with the kindest heart for every Expat coming from different corners of the world.

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Relocating To Hong Kong From US

Hong Kong is one of the technologically advanced countries in the Asian region with the lowest crime rates. As an American, moving to Hong Kong could be a complicated move. When you are heading towards the east from a developed country like the USA, there are numerous things that you need to make sure you get right before you commence your relocation to Hong Kong from USA.

After New York and London, Hong Kong is considered one of the top financial centers globally. Therefore, the relocation process from any corner of the world is possible. Furthermore, free trade and low taxes make the relocation process more convenient for Expats from different countries and continents.

The average cost of Moving to Hong Kong from USA is tentatively around $10,000 to $15000, and it can vary depending upon the total size of the Move. And as far as the required documents are concerned, make sure you prepare the following documents at the time you ship your belongings to the country.

  1. Air waybill (AWB) / Original lading bill( OBL)
  2. Detailed Inventory
  3. Copy of valid passport and identification pages
  4. Full Address details of the shipper in Hong Kong

Apart from these documents, the customs rules of Hong Kong are pretty strict about getting through with your shipment full of household items. Since Hong Kong is a duty-free port, one can ship all the personal effects and household items duty-free, but the Hong Kong government would implicate various restrictions on a few items. Therefore, it’s wise to contact your destination agent to check whether all the requirements have been met to avoid any conflicts even before the shipment is sent from the USA.

And once you reach there and relocate to Hong Kong from US completely, you will realize there are several local areas where you will see a beautiful combination of the old and new lifestyles. Most of the single Expats and young couples prefer to get a place in the Mid-levels area whereas, the Expats moving to Hong Kong with their families prefer staying in the southern part of Hong Kong. Furthermore, The affluent class Expats prefer renting an apartment or a condo in the suburb areas, which we will see in this guide’s accommodation and housing section.

If you feel stuck or feel bombarded with lots of information, get properly structured guidance with the experts of one of the best International Moving Companies Hong Kong and move forward in the right direction for your journey towards this wonderful south Asian country.

American Working In Hong Kong

When other Asian countries were struggling, Hong Kong has significantly recorded significant economic stability even in such a pandemic, showing the robustness of the Hong Kong economy. The unemployment rates have been decreased to 5.5% from the sky-high 7.5% in 2021 by opening multiple doors of job opportunities in different industries making Hong Kong one of the top lucrative job markets. Moreover, the GDP has also recorded a precise growth of 7.5% last year.

These numbers drastically affect various domains’ salary ranges, including various job profiles.

The median salary is around $42000 in Hong Kong. However, it may vary depending upon your work profile. So, let’s dig deeper and check out the average salary range in Hong Kong to answer that prominent question of how much I would earn once I relocate to Hong Kong from US?

Job Profile Annual Salary
Attorney $171,500
C Level Executive $220,800
QA Engineer $166,000
Pharmacist $118,000
Product Manager $118,000
Operations Manager $111,000
Financial Analyst $103,000
Physician $92,500
Mobile Developer $95,000
Copy Writer $82,600
Receptionist $81,600
Business Development $78,120
Architect $63,000
Research Scientist $61,000
Interior Designer $58,200
Nurse $49,500
Web Developer $42,500
Cashier $18,500

Healthcare For American People

Hong Kong offers world-class healthcare to its residents. From Public to private hospitals, you can get every kind of healthcare assistance just a few kilometers away from your home. Hospitals are equipped with advanced healthcare equipment with exclusive modern healthcare technologies. Although every good thing has its price, healthcare services in Hong Kong are a bit expensive compared to other developed countries.

Although, you will get two options to opt-in in accordance with your budget.

  • Public Healthcare Services
  • Private healthcare services

1. Public Healthcare

Any individual with a Hong Kong Identity card is entitled to subsidize medical services. However, for the foreign residents, the medical services have been charged based on the market rates; hence it would be wise if you opt for proper medical insurance before relying on any Healthcare services as it could put a huge dent on your monthly budget bar in case of any medical emergencies.

2.Private Healthcare

When it comes to high-end medical enhancements, no one can beat the private healthcare services of Hong Kong. It has thousands of private hospitals with international accreditations and standards.

Regarding rates, the private sector can be defined as extremely expensive compared to the public sector as those services fall under luxury healthcare services. However, if your insurance covers the cost, you should go for it as no other country can provide you with such impeccable medical assistance as Hong Kong Healthcare services.

In most cases, employers provide medical insurance to their employees. Hence, you can make some negotiations and make some arrangements for the healthcare subsidies at the time of joining. And this could give your pocket a small yet significant relief in case of medical emergencies for you or your family.

Housing And Accommodation

Hong Kong has been considered one of the most expensive cosmopolitan cities. With less floor space and more people, the housing rates can get pretty sky high. Although, finding a comfortable, safe neighborhood would not be that difficult for you if you do your research right before making any firm decisions.

Moreover, there is no such thing as a ‘Bad Neighbourhood’ in Hong Kong as the crime rates are the lowest, so you do not need to worry about your and your family’s safety at the time of finding the accommodation. There are multiple options of broad areas that are Expat friendly and could come under your budget and match your taste if you love living in the urban areas.

Kowloon and Hong Kong Islands are some of the prime choices of the Expats. However, the Hong Kong Island area has pretty expensive rent rates compared to other areas. Compared to that, Kowloon has a pretty affordable rent structure and decent locality that gives you the local feel as it is the heart of the urban Hong Kong lifestyle.

On average, be prepared to spend around 12000 HKD to 20000 HKD for a one BHK house in a decent area. Due to the lack of space and the high number of inhabitants, the housing market is always competitive. Apart from that, you find more budget-friendly options as well. If you are a fan of living in the outskirts in a tranquil environment, New territories are the perfect area for you. You will get plenty of rural villages, parks, and villa houses to balance the essence of nature and city lifestyle on an equilibrium point.

Visa And Permits

Typically, Americans who are willing to live in Hong Kong for less than 90 days do not require to take any sort of Visas for such short-term stay. Even if you are staying for a longer period, the visa process in Hong Kong is pretty convenient and straightforward compared to other countries overall.

Nevertheless, as an American citizen, you will require a visa if you are willing to establish yourself in Hong Kong for a long period, no matter if you are moving there for study purposes, job purposes, or establish your business there.

Work Visas For Hong Kong

If you are moving to Hong Kong from USA with the purpose of employment purpose, getting a proper work visa should be the first thing on your priority list before even commencing your Move to Hong Kong from US. You can find numerous options in the work permits. However, a General Employment Policy Visa is one of the common choices in the Expat community to opt for when they are moving for work purposes.

Apart from GEP Visa, you will also get a promising working holiday scheme visa widely known as a WHS visa. This Visa allows expats to take part-time jobs in Hong Kong while holidaying at other times and exploring the country and get the best of both worlds.

Dependent Visa

With the advantage of the dependent Visa, Expats can also bring their spouses and children under 18. The only condition is that the Expat should be able to illustrate they can give significant financial support to their dependents and take care of them for a long term. Furthermore, once the Expat gains permanent residency, they can also apply for a Visa for their parents over the age of 60 under a dependent Visa.

Moreover, in order to get eligible to obtain a permanent residency, the Expat should have at least more than seven years of stay in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong has an excellent education structure, from primary level schooling to higher studies. The best part about the Hong Kong schooling system is that public schools are equally accredited as per the international standards of private schools. Even if your child doesn’t speak Cantonese, the warm teaching staff will not make them feel lonely and welcome them with an open heart.

The prominent difference between public and private schools is in the fees structure and curriculum. Public schools have a more conventional approach than being adaptive to the modern education system. Whereas the private schools have a more adaptive nature in terms of international schooling norms, the curriculum of these schools will be much more flexible and modern than the public schools of Hong Kong. Nevertheless, no matter which approach or educational institutions the Expat selects for their kids, the education level would be of a prime quality, covering each aspect necessary for a child’s growth.

If you are moving to Hong Kong from USA with your kids and daily it is necessary to get acquainted with the basic structure of the Hong Kong education system, the first and second language taught in the primary and secondary school so it would be easier for you to find the right educational institute for your child as per its caliber and interest.

Furthermore, the universities in Hong Kong have gained an excellent reputation as one of the finest education systems providing profound masters, PGDM, and Ph.D. programs in various streams. Some of the top universities offering high-end education are The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Cost Of Living In Hong Kong

One of the prominent traits of Hong Kong is its high-end affluent lifestyle. While the property prices are rocket-high, the necessary items like groceries and primary amenities do not come easy in your pockets.

Hence, plan your relocation to Hong Kong from USA precisely considering the financial factor. One can find certain economical differences in Hong Kong and the USA. For instance, owning a car and getting driving insurance is considered a mundane necessity, whereas, in Hong Kong, it may be considered a luxury that not everyone can afford.

Let’s go through some figures that every Expat should go through before commencing the journey to Hong Kong in order to stay financially stable for a couple of months in the beginning, even if they could not secure a job for the initial period.

Good/Service Expenses Average Monthly Cost
Meal for two in a restaurant 500 HK$
Local Transport Monthly pass 500 HK$
Gasoline (1 Litre) 71 HK$
Basic amenities(Heating, Cooling, Electricity) 1832 HK$
Broadband 203 HK$
1 BHK Apt in city center 17700 HK$
International primary school fees for one child(yearly) 148500 HK$

The lifestyle of Hong Kong can be a bit expensive for an American even compared to any other European or American city. However, if you plan your relocation carefully, you can definitely save some bucks and live a high-end lifestyle under your budget with a minimalistic approach.


Hong Kong and the USA are like two poles apart in terms of lifestyle and basic infrastructure. And if you have not moved to any foreign countries before, the relocation process could be overwhelming for you. Therefore, it’s pragmatic to opt for one of the best Moving Company in Hong Kong to make the tricky part of moving as simple as possible.

Connect with us and get the best-in-class international relocation services and jump-start your big Move to Hong Kong with the best cost-effective shipping rates available in the market!

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