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This Australian city has been considered one of the oldest yet one of the best livable cities on the planet. From beautiful laneways to colorful streets, many attributes define the beauty of Melbourne in dynamic ways. In other words, Melbourne is a multifaceted city that has something for everyone.

If you are an American moving to Melbourne for the first time, there will be numerous thighs for which you need to be prepared. This city has a pretty high bar when it comes to giving quality of life to its citizens. From great food and coffee to dynamic culture, art, and world-class sports events, you can find everything in place!

Weather-wise, Melbourne indulges in glorious springs, mild autumns, warm summers, and crisp winters. With its variable atmosphere, the city cools from June to August, heats December to February and cools down during March to May. With relatively low crime rates and plenty of job opportunities, Melbourne tops the charts as a popular choice in the Expat community.

Melbournes is a city that incites inspiration and has a vibrant culture. It is vastly famous as a melting pot of fashion, art, and music. Therefore, It would not even be the slightest exaggeration to say Melbourne is the country’s cultural capital. Moreover, its laidback lifestyle flows the city’s good vibes, making it ideal for digital nomads and international Expats.

However, before commencing your big move to Melbourne from USA, you need to consider a few vital attributes that can affect you and your family’s life in this new country, especially when you are changing continents, not just the countries. Migrating to a whole new continent could be a bit of a difficult and overwhelming process.

Go through this in-depth guide to Melbourne created by seasoned international relocation experts who will give you a fair idea about what to expect while moving to Australia from the USA.

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Moving To Melbourne From US

For immigrants and Expats, relocating to Melbourne from the USA is like immersing in multicultural communities and cosmopolitan centers. Immigrants come from different corners of the globe, making the British, Indian and Italian communities stronger in the community. Hence, if you come from the USA, you would not get much trouble finding your community in the city.

Before beginning your journey towards Melbourne, you need to understand your situation and requirements carefully; ask yourself questions like how big do you need the size of your relocation? Will you need short-term or long-term storage facilities, or if you need any packing and unpacking professional services for your move? Answering such questions will allow you to figure out what kind of services you need to get for the entire process of relocating to Melbourne from US.

In order to move to the capital of Victoria, you need to prepare a checklist consisting handful of things like proper documents for the visa application, employment confirmation papers, and confirmed accommodation for your beginning period in Melbourne.

If we talk about the core cost of living in Melbourne, it would be around 25% less New York City in the USA. Moreover, it will cost you around 950 $ for a month without including the rent for an individual stay.

The cost of international shipping from the USA to Australia could vary as per the professional assistance you acquire for your move; however, to get a fair estimation before your move, you can get a free quote from one of the best international moving company in Melbourne in just a few clicks.

Connect with one of our highly experienced experts to get a quote for your move to Melbourne from USA today!

American Working In Melbourne

Melbourne is a pretty expensive city to live in. Hence, it would be mandatory for Expats to start earning as soon as possible once they land. The job market in Melbourne is thriving compared to other cosmopolitan cities in the country. Although finding a job would not be as easy as a piece of cake in the city, the rewards are great once you get it.

Even though Melbourne is one of the second-largest cities on the globe, getting a decent job will be one of the complex parts of your moving to Melbourne to US as turning up at the doorstep with your tourist or a temporary visa would not help you much to get a proper long term job in the city. Hence, getting a proper employment confirmation letter before relocating to Melbourne would be a wise choice to make. Here, persistence is the key for you.

On average, the salary of a local Australian in Melbourne is around $72000 per annum, but it varies from profile to profile. In order to estimate what would be average salaries as per your job profile in the competitive job market of the city, these latest numbers will give you a headstart.

Job Profile Annual Salary
C Level Executive $141,000
IT manager $81,000
Dentist $73,500
Product manager $69,500
Data scientist $68,000
Finance manager $64,400
UX Designer $64,200
Data Analyst $57,300
Account manager $57,900
Civil engineer $56,000
Teacher $49,600
Web Designer $44,500
Chef $40,800
Receptionist $40,000
Cashier $27,700

Healthcare Structure For Expats

In the Healthcare sector, Australians believe in giving it all to their people. Australian Healthcare structure is globally renowned for its profound services and medical advancements. Melbourne has such robust infrastructure in terms of Healthcare assistance, and it serves at optimum level to both rural and urban areas with utmost efficiency.

For instance, Australia offers medical assistance to its people through a wide range of medical services.



More than 200 private and public hospitals have been established in Victoria’s suburbs and rural areas to provide in-patient care and OPD services to the people.


Primary healthcare centers

Private health professionals such as pharmacists, dentists, and general practitioners are available for preventative non-emergency medical assistance during business hours.


Emergency Medical Assistance 

Crisis and emergency medical support is always available in all locations. Dialing 000 at any time, any moment will get you a quick Ambulance, fire, and police services.


Mother and baby support

Antenatal care has been offered as precise medical attention during pregnancy. Labour and birth usually have been observed and assisted by the country’s midwives, obstetricians, and general practitioners.


Old age care providers

You will find amazing facilities built for old-aged people across the city. This includes respite care services, nursing homes, and residential aged care.


Mental Health

The Australian government gives precise importance to the healthy mental state of their people; therefore, throughout Victoria, you can find significant mental healthcare centers and professional services available for the locals in various locations, making it convenient for the people to reach out in case of need.

Apart from these, the government also provides profound medical services like counseling, family medical services, and rehabilitation services to the people at pretty affordable rat

Housing And Accommodation

One of the intriguing factors as an American moving to Melbourne from US is to explore new areas to live in this vibrant city full of possibilities are crucial rather than sticking to the same central business district. You will find neverending opportunities to explore various parts of the city, finding out the hidden delights with each corner of the street.

When it comes to the cost of living in Melbourne, it would not be much different than any other big city in Australia. And as far as safety is concerned, even though the local media portrays the city as the most dangerous one for Expats, the reality is pretty different.

The crime rate in Melbourne has been continuously going down by recording a significant 6.9% decrease in 2021 compared to 2020.

Melbourne also takes precise safety measures and provides a safe environment for women and the LGBTQ community by making strong anti-discrimination laws and making same-sex marriages legal in the country.

In terms of finding the short-term housing arrangement, you can choose your preferred choice from multiple available options well suited for different budgets, for instance, private houses and apartments, short stay apartments, caravan parks, motels, and hotels. Moreover, you can find a decent housing facility on average around $300 to $400 weekly rent depending on which area of Melbourne you opt to live as an individual or with your family.

Furthermore, if you are planning to rent a property for a longer period, there is a precise procedure that you must follow as per the local norms and if you are planning to possess the property for long terms. This process typically includes below stated steps.

  1. Inspect the property that you are planning to rent
  2. Submit a proper application, including accurate details about your history of where you have worked and lived.
  3. Pay attention to the bond amount you commit by signing the contract.
  4. Sign the lease keeping the elements in mind like how long are you going to stay and when and how the transactions of the rent happen every month
  5. Connect the basic utility services
  6. Complete the condition report by checking everything is working properly in the house before moving into the house.

Visa And Registration

Australian Visa procedure is considered quite vigorous. Although, it also means the government here takes precise steps while deciding to let other immigrants live in their country for the long term. For short-term stays, an American can live upto 90 days in Australia without taking any long-term visa. To access the global talent pool, employers can easily take benefit of the Victorian Government’s Visa Nominations. That eventually could become an express entry for the Expats willing to Move to Melbourne from US on their employment basis.

In order to move permanently to Melbourne as an American citizen, you will require to meet the minimum requirement of the national visa subclasses. Which will include below stated prominent pathways,

  • Business Visa
  • Student or the graduate visa
  • General skilled Migration Visa
  • Employer-sponsored Visa
  • Family Visas
  • Employee sponsored Visa

If you are willing to get a visa approval based on your employment status in Australia, it would be advisable to check if your occupation falls under Australia’s skilled occupation lists or not. Apart from Employee sponsored Visa, Business Visa is also a prime choice in the Expat community when they plan to relocate to Melbourne from the USA permanently.

Education in Melbourne

It would be safe to say that Melbourne is the home of one of the soundest education systems in the country. Furthermore, Suppose you are scouting for a good school for your kids. In that case, it is advisable to consider VCE (Victorian Certification Education) as this is the bar that precisely reflects the quality of teaching and instruction of a school.

And amongst the top schools accredited by Victorian certificate Mac. Robertson Girls high school, Balwyn high, and Melbourne high school tops the game when it comes to providing extensive education.

In Addition to profound primary and secondary education, Melbourne is a vastly popular choice for higher education, especially among international students. Numerous international universities like Deakin University, Monash University, University of Melbourne, and RMIT University Melbourne make the country rank among the top countries providing high-end higher education through multiple courses.

Melbourne’s wholesome environment, diverse curriculum, and healthy lifestyle enable your kids to live up to their optimum potential and automatically perform at their best in any competitive situation or environment.

Cost Of Living In Melbourne

Out of the world’s 209 most expensive cities, Melbourne came at 59th rank in the survey of Mercer’s cost of living index across the globe. Even though it came second after Sydney being the most expensive city in the country, Melbourne has a relatively high cost of living.

On the other hand, comparing Melbourne’s lifestyle to any big city in the USA or UK, it has its fair share of pretty high standards regarding the cost of living. If we crunch the numbers on an average, one individual requires approximately 1500 AUD without rent to survive through the lavish lifestyle in the city. Furthermore, if you are moving to Melbourne from the US with your family, be prepared to spend around 3500 AUD monthly.

To segregate the monthly costs, we will go through the prominent domestic necessities that everyone requires in their day-to-day lives, whether they opt for a lavish life or believe in spending their income with the minimalism approach.

Expenses Monthly Expenses
Domestic Beer 10 AUD
Meal for two 100 AUD
Milk 1.60 AUD
One way public transport ticket 4.5 AUD
1 Liter Gasoline 1.47 AUD
Fitness club for 1 month(1 adult) 66.7 AUD
Internet 75.72 AUD
Basic Utililites 197.5 AUD
Preschool tuition fees 2460 AUD
1 Bedroom apt in city center 1698 AUD
1 Bedroom apt outside the city center 1394 AUD
Taxi Tariff for 1 km 1.62 AUD


You need to explore several things in Melbourne that even living there for almost more than a decade people would not be able to complete.

Undoubtedly, you must have researched numerous International moving companies in Melbourne before organizing and planning your move to the city. However, finding the perfect moving company in Melbourne could turn out to be a tedious task for you.

Save yourself from such complex tasks and get connected with the highly experienced professionals that not only makes your move smooth but also makes your new beginning to the city more pleasant by filling in more happy memories into it.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Earthrelo now and begin the chapter of Melbourne in your life with a positive note.

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