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If you are fond of living in a city having a perfect balance of business and high education opportunities for the french lifestyle, Montreal is the perfect city for you!

This second-largest city of Canada has a lot of gems for Expats to offer; it has become a hub for international students for their higher master studies. Furthermore, being a North American city, this cosmopolitan city has a special flair for a European lifestyle.

If you are a person of culture, can speak a little bit of French and has confirmed Job letter in your Hand Montreal is waiting for you with a massive amount of opportunities and experiences!

Moving to Montreal from US will require you to be prepared for several challenges, from its ice-cold weather to its geographical location, but do not worry, Earthelo will be there for you in each step of the entire relocation process.

In recent years several thousand Americans have started moving to Canada from US considering various favorable aspects of the Canadian region.

From penniless universal Healthcare to a migrant-friendly government, Canada never stops amusing us with its warm hospitality.

Canada is not just a country of Northern lights, poutine, and Maple syrup, but it’s much more than that, and as an Expat, multiple factors are crucial to an understanding before commencing the journey. Especially for a city like Montreal as it is located in Quebec, a french speaking province.

Let’s get started with the vital elements of Relocation first, and then we will move forward to our in-depth guide specifically curated for Expats portraying Immigrants’ life in Canada’s one of the best city Montreal!

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Relocating To Montreal From US

Whether you are planning to move to Montreal for personal reasons or professional reasons, the Cost of Moving to Montreal could be difficult to estimate precise cost as there is always the chance of unforeseen costs can add up at any moment.

If you are moving to Montreal individually, then approximately the rough cost of Relocation could be around $5300. If you are planning to move with your family, the cost could add upto around $10,000.

This price may vary depending on multiple factors like the luggage(size of move), the destination, and the type of delicate items you include in your moving process.

Montreal is included in major shipping routes across Canada from the USA or any other International border; hence, the shipping cost would be quite reasonable compared to other small cities.

If we get into specifics, the shipping cost can vary as per the size of the container you choose, following the size of your move. For 20FT, the pricing varies around $430, and for 40FT, it’s $630 from the USA to Montreal.

Popular destinations to live in Montreal for Expats.

You will find numerous vibrant and multicultural Expat friendly suburbs areas that one should consider to live if they are planning to move to Montreal from US.

As an American Expat, you can pick living on or off-island of Montreal considering your job preferences, but every area guarantees to offer a culture-rich standard of living with the perfect balance of modern lifestyle.

If we break down the most popular destinations in Montreal to live in, we can get below list of top destinations.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal is the area of upmarket lofts. Most of the buildings portray the rich history of the Early Colony days of the French, creating a magnificent European vibe to live around.

Moreover, Montreal City hall and Notre-Dam Brasilica add a royal touch to the lifestyle of the Old Montreal locals.

City Centre

If you are a bit peaky and want to have a wide range of accommodation options, you must consider the city centre to set up your accommodation. However, most of the housing facility you can find in the city center is either apartments or lofts.

However, if you have a decent budget, you can also find deluxe apartments at decent pricing.


For those looking for large houses and having a thick wallet to spend for Westmount is the place for you. Many politicians and celebrities opt for Westmount to live in.

In other words, Westmount itself is a small enclave home for wealthy people in Montreal.

Hold on; before packing your bags right away, get a precise estimate of your destination and a 360-degree view of every element of relocating process. Connect with the experts now!

Levarage, our well-experienced experts who have conducted hundreds of successful moves since the last ten years, make your one count in too!

Working Life In Montreal

Canada offers thousands of opportunities when it comes to skilled workers. In addition to this, according to one survey, Quebec has recorded a 60.00% Employment rate recently.

Even as an Expat, you can easily grab potential job opportunities if you have patience and proper reference. Moreover, to start working in Montreal, you must get either of these documents stamped first.

  • A temporary working Permit
  • A residence permit

These permits will allow the Expat to work wherever they want freely and allow them to get settled in the local system well.

Now let’s check out the latest demand of skilled professionals and approximate Annual wages for each Job profile.

Job Profile Annual Salaries
Driver $44,800
Receptionist $31,300
Web Developer $62,500
Business Development Manager $85,000
Project Manager $90,000
Heavy Duty Mechanic $70,000
Accountant $57,500
Electrical Engineer $77,500
Financial Advisor $57,500
Registered Nurse $76,000

Healthcare System In Montreal

Canada is worldwide known for its free or low-cost healthcare services. However, the Canadian government has different services and healthcare administrations for different provinces.

To receive low-cost subsidized healthcare services, every ExpatExpat is needed to get registered in RAMQ(Régie de l’assurance Maladie du Québec) as this department handles the healthcare system in Quebec.

However, usually, there is a waiting period of three months before getting registered is complete. In between this time, the Expat is required to get private Insurance for these three months.

In addition to this, even after getting your regular Universal Health Insurance coverage, the Expat must have prescription Drug Insurance as it won’t cover it in the regular Insurance. Expat can arrange this Insurance in three ways,

Private Insurance
Public Prescription Drug Insurance
Getting from the Current Employer

Bonus Fact: Canada recognizes Mental health as a serious issue as one out of five people suffers from mental issues. Therefore, Canada acknowledges the importance of mental health by covering it in the Insurance. At the same time, most countries do not give much attention to the mental wellness of their citizens.

Housing And Accommodation

Montreal is one of the biggest cities in Canada. Hence, it would be wise to rent a temporary roof over your head for early few nights before you commence your Relocation. However, if you want to rent a place for the long term, you can find many apartments, condominiums, and lofts under your budget.

If you are looking forward to exploring some budget-friendly options, you can also find duplexes that can be split into three parts, widely known as a triplex.

Furthermore, if you are moving without family, you can also get bachelor units that serve as bedrooms and living rooms altogether but come with a dirt-cheap price range.

To find the apartments and rental spaces, you can opt for the conventional ways like libraries and local newspapers and the modern ways like reaching websites like Craigslist and Kijiji.

To lease the house in Montreal, there are few documents you would need to keep handy, for instance

  • Latest Bank statements to show your final stability
  • Letter from the current employer with the mention of the annual income
  • Reference letter from previous landlords.

For security Deposit purposes, you will be required to submit half a month’s rent to your landlord in Montreal. And as far as, cost of rent is concerned it differs vastly following the size of the place you are renting for yourself.

Type of Housing Rent Price Range
Studio $900 to $1000
1 Bedroom $1300 TO $1400
2 Bedroom $1600 TO $1700
3 Bedroom $2000 TO $2100
4 Bedroom $2400 TO $2500

Visa Requirements

Getting a payment Visa in Canada is not an easy path to move forward; however, for an American moving to Montreal can not be that difficult compared to Expats from other countries.

As an American citizen, you will get different 100 pathways to get the express entry in Montreal, but the most popular one is the Express entry.

Basically, Express Entry is the immigration system that manages the permanent citizenship program for refugees and other immigrants.

Candidates have been assessed based on various dynamics, including work experience, Language ability, education, and age for the criteria of giving permanent residency in Canada. There are multiple economic plans for skilled workers to consider for Immigration.

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Compared to other provinces, Quebec has set the bar not that quite high hence, if you plan to get PR by living in Montreal, it will not get much time. Canada has specified certain avenues and characteristics for the Expats, after the careful observation of these aspects and then can move forward with the visa application process

  • Being an Entrepreneur and invest in the economic growth of the country
  • Skilled in at least one trade in the country will allow you to settle well in the country without much hassle
  • Get sponsorship from your spouse
  • Canadian Parents who have adopted children who don’t have Canadian citizenship
  • Family sponsorship can be prosecuted if you have a family possessing Canadian citizenship and sponsors you.

Observe the above-described attributes and carefully fill the Visa Application form. The Economic Immigration Visa fee may vary around CAD 1000 depending on the further specification of your visa application.

Although the basic requirement is you have to stay in Canada for at least six years. A bit much time, but considering all the benefits it can give to your family and your future, it seems worth it, right?

Education In Montreal

The Quebec School system handles the education system of Montreal. Primarily the system focuses on two main languages for education, English, and French for their students.

The elementary level education begins at the age of 9 and consists of two cycles of grades, including grades 1 to 6.

The secondary school covers education for five years in two cycles of grades, including children aged 12 to 17. This part of education is typically known as a general Secondary Program, in other words, known as the Diploma of secondary studies.

The students above the age of 16 become eligible to take vocational studies and other advanced secondary-level courses.

If we talk about higher education, Montreal has quite reputed universities like Concordia University, Mcgill university, and the University of Montreal offering several courses in various fields like Commerce, Engineering, and Medical.

Overall, No matter if you are into music, Medical, or any other technical field, Montreal being a dynamic cultural hub for international students, will have every kind, of course, well-curated by experts just for you!

Cost Of Living In Montreal

When you are moving to Montreal from US, you will not notice significant cost differences in domestic household things compared to the USA. And if you do most, you will get affordable pricing compared to cities like New York or LA.

You can find below the detailed average price list of necessities that you should expect after moving to Montreal.

GOOD/SERVICE Individual Cost Cost of a Family
Food and Drinks $420 $990
Storage $130 $165
Permanent Rent $850 $1,500
Transportation $85 $450


Living in one of the best five cities in the world is not just an experience but a privilege. And it is a difficult process to move to Montreal from US, especially when you have never set your foot in the city.

In such circumstances, if you have experienced and professional assistance behind you at each step of your move, the Relocation becomes hassle-free in no time!

Our experts will be there from the beginning of your preparation till you land in Montreal, as we understand moving to a new city is an overwhelming experience and always requires a helping hand.

Connect with us and get a free quote for an affordable and efficient relocation solution; in just a call away!

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