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Being a sprawling, lively and vivid city of 7.4 million, the city of Pune is known as the Oxford Of The East in Asia. In addition, it is known as the cultural capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Pune holds an extensive image in the eyes of the adventurous foreigners. This is because of the contemporary and historic nature of the place. Here, every weekend is an introduction to a positive and exciting neighbourhood where each one develops an independent sort of city planning and ordinance.

Speaking of expats, the area is extensive and high. Each year, tons of young people arrive in Pune from different parts of the world including France, Tanzania, Tunisia, Germany, Singapore, and several other vibrant nations to work in the tech sector. Students come down to the city for its excellence and dedication in terms of education at Pune’s renowned universities. That said, if you are all set for your adventurous move to Pune from US, here is our city guide for you to get a precise idea about Pune! Without further ado, let’s delve into it.

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Expat Destinations In Pune

If you are seeking the ideal places in Pune to live, here we have listed 4 expat destinations for you. Also known as the Queen of the Deccan, Pune is famous for a lush green cosmopolitan city popular for its educational institutions, weather, and several tourist destinations. The availability of all the necessities has made Pune the ideal place for working professionals and students.

Koregaon Park

Being one of the most elite, prestigious, and vivid areas in Pune, Koregaon is generally a residential area that is now turned into a commercial marketplace. This place is filled with pubs, eateries, and several hangout places for the youth. However, bear in mind that the property rates in Koregaon have quite an expensive side.

Viman Nagar

This area is the most highly sought-right after the residential Eastern corridor of Pune. The place gets its name from Pune Airport. The Nagar has 2 IT parks and several malls which makes it a brilliant place to stay in Pune. Viman Nagar has both budget and luxury residential options.


Being the most cosmopolitan region situated in the northwest part of Pune, Hinjewadi is one of the most preferred and posh areas in Pune. Equipped with one of the largest IT parks in India, this area is ideal for working professionals in the IT industry. Hinjewadi is filled with tons of shopping, eateries, and entertainment which have made it highly in demand.

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Currency Rupee (Rs. or INR)
Population 7.4 million(2020)
Official Language Marathi
Dialling Code 020
Emergency Number Police: 100, Ambulance: 108, Fire: 104
Driving On the right side

Working In Pune

Pune is recognized as one of the top industrial hubs with multiple industries set up in it. However, the economy of Pune is quite diversified. Pune contributes up to 69 billion US Dollars to the national Gross Domestic Product of India as of 2019. The city is a rapid hot-spot for engineering, automotive, IT, manufacturing, and engineering industries. When it comes to work, Pune offers lucrative opportunities. Under studies, it is noted that Pune is the eighth-largest metropolitan economy with the 6th highest per capita income in the country. As per the Mercer Report on quality living, Pune achieved a top ranking when it comes to developing business hubs. The city of Pune is highlighted amidst evolving business centers along with 9 emerging cities in the world.

Some of the chief automotive and IT industries serving the economy include Mahindra Tata Motors, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Harley Davidson, Renault, Jaguar, Audi, etc. IT giants like Wipro, Accenture, Tata Technologies, IBM, and Infosys are highly available. Pune is home to a wide range of small and medium enterprises dealing in distinct sectors of the economy.

Pune’s excellent climatic conditions, brilliant industrial base, and quality standard of living have appealed to the eyes of tons of working professionals across the country. Pune has job opportunities in the information and communication technology, automotive manufacturing, engineering, as well as teaching sectors provided that the candidate is well-qualified with all the necessary qualifications and skills required for the job.

Income Taxation In Pune

Being a resident of Pune, you need to pay an income tax. However, this entirely depends on the duration of your stay in India. You are referred to as a resident of India if you have spent more in one year or 182 days, or 365 days in 4 years. In case you are classed as a resident of India, you will be regarded in a similar format as a citizen.

The rates of Income-tax for the 2015-2016 fiscal year are,

  • Up to 250,000 INR: No tax
  • 250,001–500,000 INR: 10%
  • 500,001–1,000,000 INR: 20%
  • Above 1,000,000 INR: 30%

India has a rule of double taxation agreements with several trading partners. Hence, if you are a resident of another country, you can escape paying tax twice. However, make sure you check in with your advisor to see if Pune has such an agreement.

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Healthcare In Pune

Indian doctors have precise training in the English language. While your move from Pune to US, there are incredible hospitals for the expat communities including,

  • Columbia Asia Hospital: Kharadi
  • Sahyadri Hospital: Shastri Nagar
  • Jehangir Hospital: Bund Garden Road
  • Ruby Hall Clinic Hospital: Bund Garden Road
  • The Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital: Chinchwad

These hospitals hold 24-hour drug stores and offer emergency services. In terms of payment, cash payment is the norm. Holding an insurance policy that covers all your treatment exceeding your home country with proper medical evacuation coverage will be highly valuable. Consequently, you will be welcomed at any hospital.

In cases of emergency, you can dial 102 for an ambulance, 101 for the fire department, and 100 for police.

Considering your relocation to Pune from US, Pharmacies are generally known as a chemist. It is recognized by the Red Cross. Every hospital and clinic will have this sign adjoined to it. Although there are few day-and-night chemist shops, many open in day time only. Some medications are accessible under distinct names and several prescription drugs are offered at the counter.

Housing And Accommodation In Pune

Finding an apartment to rent in Pune is easy. You generally get to stay inside a society that is known as a complex. While a single room is cheaper and harder to find, it is not the same with others. Landlords don’t favor co-ed living or HMOs. This is another reason why employers own apartments and provide room for rent as a very part of the package.

The cost of rent in Pune differs from one neighborhood to another as per the sort of accommodation you select. However, it is ideally higher compared to the rest of the big cities in India. Being an American moving to Pune, you need an average of 13000 INR per month to rent a single bedroom apartment in the city center with an average of 9500 INR per month for a similar type of accommodation in the outskirts. For a three-bedroom apartment, you need an average of 28800 INR per month in the city center with around 19,804 INR per month in the outskirts.

Note that it is more likely to obtain a well-grounded and constructed spacious apartment provided that you pay a deposit. You will also need to submit several documents before renting a home in Pune during your relocation from Pune to US.

Visa And Registration

Due to the uninvited entry of the Coronavirus, India has changed its travel and entry restrictions. However, while relocating to Pune from US, you can opt for several visas including,


Employment Visa

Applies when you visit India for Employment through your employer in India. However, you will need to undergo a post-arrival registration process.


Business Visa

This applies when you visit India to explore possibilities of setting a business or to participate in a business. You can also get this visa if you are a business executive and you attend business meetings. Business Visas cannot be converted or extended to any other form of visa.


Tourist Visa

Issued by those who visit India for tourism or any other non-business-related purposes. The maximum amount of stay in India is restricted to 3 months (90 days) per visit. For US citizens, each visit shall not exceed 180 days. Tourist Visas cannot be converted or extended to any other form of visa.


Dependent Visa(Entry Visa)

Required for minor children and spouses accompanying the employment visa holder. Entry visas cannot be employed while you stay in India. You need to apply for this right from your home country.


E-Business Visa

This can be issued online if you visit India for a short term(60days) with double entry facilities. e-Business visas cannot be converted or extended to any other form of visa.


E-Tourist Visa

This can be obtained online with a maximum period of stay of 2 months(60days) in India. e-Tourist Visas cannot be converted or extended to any other form of visa.

Obtaining a visa for Pune, India is quite a straightforward process. However, make sure you check on the correct visa before applying. You cannot change your visa type once you enter the country. One must always apply for a multiple entry visa. While relocating to Pune from US, make sure you possess a valid passport for at least 6 mon

Education In Pune

Pune has turned into a seat of learning with tons of colleges, universities, and centers of professional education. Maximum expats prefer sending children to private(International) schools instead of local public schools. The best private schools are always accredited and have their own waiting lists. Hence, we recommend you to search your school as soon as you arrive in the country.

Some of the international schools in Pune that you can opt for include,

  • Mercedes Benz International School (MBIS): Hinjewadi
  • Indus International School: Mulshi
  • Symbiosis International School (SIS): Viman Nagar
  • Victorious Kids Educares (VKE): Kharadi

If you are someone moving to Pune from US and seeking a preschool, you can opt for

  • Indus Early Learning Centre: Koregaon Park and Bhosale Nagar
  • Vivero International School: Kalyani Nagar

All these preschools allow children up to the age of 6 years. Additional schools with quality reputations are based on the ICSE curriculum. (Indian Certificate Of Secondary Examination). These include,

  • St. Ann’s School: Camp area
  • St. Felix School: Bund Garden Road
  • The Bishop’s School: Kalyani Nagar

Hutchison Kindergarten: Camp areaFor younger children of ages 2-5, there are several private kindergartens and preschools. Some of these run under the Montessori method. However, bear in mind that these schools are greatly apart in both their quality and fees. International schools in Pune run from August to June while others run from July to April.

Cost Of Living In Pune

Meal at an Inexpensive restaurant 220.75 $14.25
Bread 31.70 $2.71
Milk 47.82 $0.85
Gasoline 80.62 $0.69
Internet Connection 836.46 $67.11
Domestic/local Beer 176.60 $4.52
Pack Of Marlboro 300.22 $7.90


Irrespective of the place that you move, shifting is definitely stressful. In addition, it is an exhilarating decision to make. However, with the existence of an excellent job market, schooling, and government facilities for expats, relocating to Pune from US is an excellent decision that Americans can never go wrong with. At Earthrelo, we provide the most efficient international moving services to Pune. Providing a high quality service of relocation, we take care of all the custom processes. Being the ideal US to Pune movers, we deal in a complete range of services including shipping, packaging, and unpacking at affordable rates. Being licensed US to Pune movers, our team of experts is dedicated to offering the most efficient transportation services. Give us a call today and get FREE estimates along with top shipping advice at feasible rates.

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