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With more than six lacs population Vancouver comes as the largest city in British Columbia. Geographically speaking, it sits between Fraser river from the south to Burrard Inlet from the north.

Vancouver city is the perfect amalgamation of vibrant nightlife and calm, breezy mornings. Despite having a high-density population, Vancouver has its fair share of Green spaces and is surrounded by sea and mountains.

Booming Economy and diversity are prominent factors that attract Expats and end up bringing them into Vancouver!

When you are contemplating moving to Vancouver from the US, you would not need to worry about the major things like its local standard of living or its culture because the only change you will experience is upgrading to the beta global city lifestyle!

This city offers plenty of things but the most vital thing is its livability and its profound quality of life to its people. Get ready to give your family all of that and many more.

Everything related to the relocation can be handled on the tip of your fingers, from house and job hunting to coping with the overwhelming Relocation process to Vancouver! Our seasoned experts will guide you from step 1 to the last one and beyond that. Get a free quote and make your journey to Vancouver smooth as butter!

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Relocating To Vancouver From US

Relocation is never an easy task to accomplish. However, in the End, Vancouver is worth the struggle. Rich natural resources and a Diverse population including aboriginal people like Hispanics, English, Filipino, Koreans, and many more.

Even though you work on the strict Budget bar, there will be some costs that can shake your budget of relocation pretty far. However, getting an estimate of the approximate cost of moving to Vancouver bc from US is always a wise idea.

According to relocation experts, if you are moving individually, the average cost of moving could reach upto 5000 to 6000 USD. Furthermore, if you plan to move to Vancouver from US, then it can be around 10000 to 10500 USD.

These numbers calculated the costs of day-to-day expenses, domestic utilities, and accommodation.

Apart from the cost, it would help if you were prepared for another vital thing, especially when you move from a country like the USA to a city like Vancouver, as both have quite distinct weather situations.

Due to its Marine west Coat, Vancouver has a rainforest climate that can take a while to settle in.

But apart from that, this charming, polite city is all open with arms offering several opportunities to you and your family.

Embark your journey with Earthrelo and give a headstart with your next chapter in Vancouver!

US Expat Destinations in Vancouver

Vancouver’s coastline offers a splendid scenic view and amazing beaches, while the mountains offer snow sports and hiking trails. However, this does not mean you can not get a high-end modern lifestyle in Vancouver. There are mainly two areas that are quite popular in the Expat community to live in.

Each area has a different vibe and a peculiar lifestyle to offer the Expats from different corners of the world.

Downtown Area

If you opt to live in the Downtown area, you are most likely to live in a high-rise apartment unit. This area is considered one of the high-end areas of Vancouver to live in.

If you have a limited salary, living in the downtown area could be pretty expensive. However, with proper research, one can find affordable accommodation in the core Downtown area.

If we have to name the most diverse downtown area, West End comes first with the residential area full of immigrants, Canadians, and transient Internationals.

South Granville

This the south side of Downtown, the South Granville offers excellent public transport services which connect with every corner of Vancouver in no time.

South Granville offers pretty affordable housing compared to the core Downtown area. Apart from that, it has an immaculate collection of fine dining and bars to explore.

Apart from this, South Granville is just 15 mins walk away from Granville Island which is situated in the middle of the city and has prime tourist attractions like Art galleries, local markets, and studios.

The East Vancouver

East Vancouver is vastly known as the main street of Vancouver. The East Van has that quite that reputation due to certain malicious activities happening. Considering that reason for living purpose we won’t recommend the east side.

However, the further East will offer you a pretty down-to-earth vibe and get you a proper cost-effective option for the accommodation.

This main street area is considered the mecca of fashion, art, and delicious local food. So, it would be easy to say this is a loving home for art lovers, designers, and connoisseurs.

Bonus Fact: Vancouver is widely known as the Beta global city as it is considered one of the top linguistically and ethnically diverse cities of Canada consisting of more than 52% of residents having other than English as their first language.


Undoubtedly, Vancouver offers you an ample amount of work opportunities due to its rapid economic growth. Still, few job profiles reward you more than your expected compared to other developed countries.

Apart from that, compared to the USA, you will get plentiful maternity and paternity leave, and for the bonus, annual leaves as well to get a relaxing vacation at the End of a stressful year.

If we crunch the numbers according to the latest data. In that case, you can get the current demand of job profiles of various sectors and have a precise estimation of how much cash flow you should expect annually in Vancouver as per your qualification and work profile.

Job Profile Annual Salaries
Software Engineer $57,600
Physician $125,000
Dentist $73,200
Business Developer $67,000
Project Manager $64,200
Pharmacist $58,600
Account Manager $52,200
Architect $51,000
Research Scientist $50,500
Civil Engineer $46,700
Nurse $46,500
Accountant $43,000
Teacher $37,900
Copy Writer $36,700
Fashion Designer $30,200
Waiter $23,500
Receptionist $23,300


Healthcare For American People

No matter how healthy you are, there is always a possibility that you can fall ill or meet an accident. Hence, preparing for the worst-case scenario is not a bad idea, primarily when you are relocating with your family and kids.

Canada is largely famous for its well-ordered and free healthcare system. However, that free medical services are only available for the residents of Canada. Therefore, we recommend taking the health insurance having proper coverage, and biting the bullet.

Here is the list of local hospitals in Vancouver through which you can get quick medical attention in any case of emergency or a non-emergency situation.


Care Point Medical Centre

1123 Davie Street
Vancouver, B.C.


BC Children's Hospital

BC Children’s Hospital is located on the West Side, at 4480 Oak Street.
Vancouver, B.C.


Vancouver General Hospital

The Vancouver General Hospital is located on the West Side, at 855 W 12th Avenue.
Vancouver, B.C.


St Paul's Hospital

St Paul’s Hospital is located in the West End, at 1081 Burrard Street.
Vancouver, B.C.

Housing And Accommodation

Getting proper accommodation in Vancouver is not that complicated task, although being prepared before commencing your relocation is vital.

To get decent housing, you will need to prepare few documents before applying for one. For instance,

  • Social Insurance Number(SIN)
  • Local Canadian phone number
  • Half a months rent (As Deposite)

If you are transferring Accommodation funds from your US bank account, do note that it will take a couple of days to show up in your Canadian Account.

On average, the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver can be around 2000 to 2500 CAD.

Of course, the numbers can vary as per the type of accommodation you acquire and the area you choose to settle in.

Type of Housing Rent Price Range
Studio $1600 to $1800
1 Bedroom $2000 TO $2200
2 Bedroom $2800 TO $2900
3 Bedroom $3700 TO $3800
4 Bedroom $3900 TO $4500

Moreover, suppose you have never set your foot in this city before and need to find a decent place to live. In that case, you can check online sources like Craigslist and Kijiji, as they have been proven to be the best reliable local sources for recommending accommodation facilities to Expats.

Visa And Registration

Although Canada is considered a gracious country, it has a strict Visa policy. Even if you are holding a Green card, you would be required to have an eta for your Canadian transit point journey.

And here we are talking about the visa requirement for the moving purpose so that you can anticipate the rest further.

First of all, every International traveler has to show their passport at the airport and the document compliant with the WHTI initiative.

And when it comes to visa requirements, if you are planning to move to Vancouver bc from US for the short term and for work purposes, you would need to apply from either of these work visa options.

  • Employer Specific work permits
  • Openwork permits

If you already have an offer letter ready from your employer, the ideal choice for you will undoubtedly be the latter one.

Apart from this, if you aim to move to Vancouver from the US permanently, the Express entry visa application would be the rational choice to opt as an American citizen.

There are also few provincial Immigration options offered by the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program that has been allowing thousands of Graduates, workers, and Entrepreneurs to move permanently to Vancouver over few years.


In Canada, British Columbia has a top-rated school system compared to other states. Especially in Vancouver, you will find excellent schools providing free schooling even for the Expats having work Visa or permanent residency permits.

Moving to Vancouver from US can be a wise choice, especially when you are moving with your family, as Vancouver is considered the foremost location for secondary and high education in Canada.

There are eleven districts in the Metro city of Vancouver, and the board will decide your child’s placement in any public school as per the residential area of your house.

Therefore, carefully pick the location of your accommodation if you want to get your kid to one of the best public schools in Vancouver.

However, in the case of private schooling, the selection of any school can be done on a prior basis regardless of your location.

Vancouver endeavors to provide education covering every aspect of the learning process in the primary and secondary sections; hence, this province offers dynamic and flexible learning programs for every age group of the students.

The school board also takes care of special students who are visually empires, deaf, who have learning disabilities, or those who have medical needs by curating special courses specially designed for them.

Cost Of Living In Vancouver

When you are considering moving to Vancouver bc from the US, there are multiple factors you must have considered. However, we are sure the cost of living must have gotten the prime spot of the contemplation.

So, let’s cut the chase and come to the main point. Is it expensive to live in Vancouver? The answer is yes, for sure.

But if you set your budget bar and spend accordingly, it would not be as difficult to survive as in Expat for the long term.

The prominent costs are accommodation, transport, and the food you need to take care of on the primary level. Apart from that, one would not get much difference in the rates of domestic household things.

Here you can find the full list of approximate costs of Vancouver covering the basic amenities.

Good/Service Range of Cost for an Individual
Meal $12 to $35
Local Transport(One-way Ticket) $3 to $5
Monthly Pass of local transport $98 to $180
Basic Utilities(Water, cooling, heating, Garbage) $53 to $150
Internet $60 to $130

So, the bottom line is if you have prepared yourself to Move to Vancouver from US already, you need to be prepared to spend at least $1000 individually, and for family monthly, the numbers can go around $3500.


Relocating to a brand new city can be exhausting, but it can be an exhilarating experience too if you opt for the right professional assistance.

Move to Vancouver from US as swiftly as possible with Earthrelo.

Providing stress-free relocation for you and your family is our ultimate goal.

Our experienced relocation experts will turn the laborious relocation journey to Vancouver into a piece of cake for you. Contact us now to get a free quote!

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