10 reasons why you should move to Germany - Earthrelo
10 Reasons Why You Should Move to Germany - Earthrelo
  • October 23, 2022

Germany is a country bustling with enthusiastic people, making the country the greatest in terms of population in the European Union. Germany is among the greatest economies. It ranks fourth in terms of GDP globally and has gradually increased its influence in the globe. Germany is an example of ‘started from the bottom, now we are here!’  

Germany shares a healthy border with nine countries in Central Europe and a diverse geography, ranging from northern lowlands to the majestic Bavarian Alps in the southern part of this great nation. Germany is undoubtedly a country to live in. with its beautiful landscape and wonderful people. This article has provided some arguments as to why you should consider moving to Germany.

1. The economy 

After the unification of east and west Germany and the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, Germany adopted a capitalistic economy in place of the Soviet Union, which influenced the economy. Germany is an open market economy that is strong and stable. Heavy industries such as telecommunications, electronics, and the automobile sector are the drivers of the economy. 

The world-famous Volkswagen is a German company that owns various luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Porsche. The country has commendable worker and employment protection laws. The country’s unemployment rate is at a healthy level of 3 %, which is among the lowest in the world. Germany is a gold mine for people with dreams of making big money.

2. Cost of living in Germany

Many people move to Germany because of its relatively low cost of living. The PPP, which stands for purchasing power parity, is very high. If we compare Germany with the United Kingdom, the consumer prices are 1.65 percent less than in the UK. If we factor in the rent price, the percentage drops even further to 6.65 per cent.

The rent is significantly less compared to the UK, with a difference of around 18 per cent. The price of food in restaurants in Germany is even lower, with a difference of more than 20 per cent. With the low cost of living, Germany is an ideal place, even if you are starting low. Germany gives the opportunity for everyone to do anything.

3. The sublime weather in Germany

Germany is a northern country, which means the nation has a low temperature below the global average. During summer, the temperature ranges between 10 to 24 degrees Celsius. At the maximum, the temperature reaches 37 degrees Celsius, which is the normal body temperature. 

The summer season has long days with plenty of rain. But the best weather in Germany is during early temperatures during September and October. It is the time of harvest, the best time to visit the Alps and enjoy a ski resort. Imagine living in Germany and experiencing the leaves changing colors with the cool breeze blowing off the stress after work.

4. Safety in the country

The Germans are one of the kindest people who believe in living in harmony. The neighborhoods’ are safe. The streets are comparatively safer, and crime is at its minimum. Gun laws are very strict in this country. Although German law allows citizens to buy guns, carrying them to public places is strictly prohibited. 

The only crime that does happen on a large scale is petty pickpocketing and cycle stealing. It is very common in Germany. But, Germans are known for their trustworthy police service and judiciary.

5. Live in Germany to live the culture of Germany

Germans have a very unique and distinctive culture from the rest of Europe. Berlin is home to some of the finest opera houses, with the renowned artist performing live for thousands. World leaders, famous actors, and sports personalities visit Germany to see the famous opera show. 

The country has one of the finest artwork, literature, and dance. From the books of famous photosphere Immanuel Kant to the masterpieces of Franz Marc. Germany has an artistic allure in its air. For Germans, football is a religion. The world-famous Bundesliga is Germany’s football league. So, if you have a special place for soccer. Germany is a dream destination.

6. Affordable Healthcare

Among the greatest benefits of moving to Germany is having all-around health care protection. In addition, the country has a well defined, managed, and regulated insurance system. The medical professional per ten thousand people is at a healthy level too. This is why getting a doctor’s appointment is fairly quick and has no delays. 

The medical treatment of the prescribed medicines is affordable to the commoners, and the quality of the service is at-par with the European Union’s standards. The social insurance that the employer provides covers a long list of damages, including health, pension, and financial cover for losses that occurred during accidents.

7. Food and beverages 

Germany is a haven for foodies. If you have a taste for meat, then you are in for a treat. Germany is known for its versatile and flavorful meat. Germany is one of the top-quality pork providers. The food here is delicious, and served with beer, the food even tastes better. The Germans are known for their beer. 

Like German cars, beers in Germany are strong. So, you have one more reason to move to Germany. If beer is your life, you have been living your life wrong if you haven’t tasted German beer.

8. World-class education 

Germany has one of the finest educational institutes like the Heidelberg university, Free use university of Berlin, the University of Bonn, the University of Freiburg, and many finest universities that provides world-class education on a variety of subject ranging from art literature and history to modern architecture, medicine, and management studies. Many students from across the globe come to Germany in search of education.

9. Travel and tourism

Germany shares a healthy border with nine countries in Central Europe. If you live in Germany, you can not only enjoy the German lifestyle but also experience the culture and traditions of other European countries. Germany is known for its transportation infrastructure. The country has a well-developed connection of roads, a high-speed train network that binds the whole of Europe, and the airports of Germany that allow you to travel across Europe in no time.

10. The overall quality of life

If you are making plans to move to Germany, you are guaranteed a happy, healthy, and wholesome life. The social capital of German society is very prosperous. People here live a long life. The life expectancy in Germany is about 81 years, which is way above the global average. People live a very satisfying and fulfilling life.

People have significantly lower stress, and the depression and suicide rates among the German population are low, which is a sign that those who live in this nation are, overall, living a quality life.

Wrapping things up 

If you are planning to move to Germany, now is a great time to bring your plans to fruition. You will learn German in no time, as globally, it is considered to be an easy language. You will soon adapt to the German lifestyle as they are not very different from most of us.

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