American Girl’s experience relocating to Germany - Earthrelo
American Girl's Experience Relocating to Germany - Earthrelo
  • November 7, 2022

Americans moving to Germany is a new phenomenon we have recently encountered. Migration has become a trend more than a necessity in today’s world. Earlier, people used to migrate in dire situations of familial economic crisis and related issues in search of newer and brighter horizons and opportunities. These people had a sense of belonging and grave ties with their motherland, which also cared profoundly about their citizens. However, scenarios have changed drastically, and the later generations tend to prioritize other things compared to those who belonged to the generation before them.  

Migration today is largely based on the excess availability of employment opportunities, better standard of living facilitated by these opportunities, quality education, and in rare scenarios in case of environmental reasons. Nowadays, people are attracted to territories based on how well they will contribute to their personal growth. That sense of belonging is somehow lost in this world where competition and the desire to be the best peak their limits.

Americans moving to Germany from the US is a huge step but an even bigger step based on one’s gender. A girl moving to Germany from the US will surely have experienced a unique and different experience and exposure. A girl should keep a few things in mind before moving to Germany from the US. Some of these are:

1. Reduces cost of living-

It is no surprise that America is a super economy, so the cost of living there, even for a single girl, is extremely expensive and the most elite in the world. Thus, a single girl’s cost of living is way too low once she relocates to Germany. Even though Germany offers a variety of advantages over America, there are still some areas that exist where there is further scope for development. However, it still wins over America as the cost of living is a very important factor in one’s life. It offers a huge relief in this area for people who have relocated to Germany from the US.

2. Brilliant Healthcare Options-

One of the major boons of moving to Germany from the US is the brilliant healthcare service provided by the professionals here. Germany is quite well known for its healthcare industry. Americans moving to Germany are satisfied with the variety, and quality ensured healthcare alternatives available in Germany. It is extremely cost-effective and comparatively cheap. The World Health Organization also accredits Germany as being much better than America regarding its healthcare department. They have a universal healthcare system where anyone with a disability or disease can be effectively treated with quality procedures.

3. Simple Visa Process-

The visa process offered by Germany is quite simplistic for people moving to Germany from the US. Americans moving to other places may find some considerable difficulty when it comes to visa application. However, being a part of the European Union, Germany allows the visa process to be a complication-free and completely easy process. Thus, Americans moving to Germany have an uplifted spirit, and they come with a positive and fresh mind as their visas, which are supposed to be a wholesome task, are successfully finished hassle-free.

4. Amazing Public Transportation-

The public transport operating in Germany is known to have a very fabulous review. They are highly efficient and work in public welfare. The monthly pass used is extremely cheap and worth it! Also, they tend to combine into one big transportation system, which is truly amazing from an administrative and architectural perspective.

5. Family Beneficial:

The high-quality standard of living in Germany combined with cheaper living costs proves to be a great boon for a girl who wants to relocate with their family. Premium healthcare and education upgrades prevalent are one of the necessities discussed by a family before allocation, and their prevalence covers almost all of their needs. In this case, cheaper cost of living, good education, inexpensive housing, excellent health care, and many more increases the probability of relocation with the entire family.

6. Education System-

It can be said without doubt that Germany offers one of the best education modules in the world. It is known for its premier institutions in the field of business, medication, law, architecture, engineering, computer science, and many more. It is recognized worldwide and ranked by various known ranking committees. People exposed to their education system are known to have diversified and successful career paths in their future, making others hopeful and perspective about their own future.

7. Less Working Hours-

One basic advantage offered by Germany is fewer working hours. Germany does realize the fact, unlike other nations, that we are humans and not automated machinery. With this view in mind, they have reduced their working hours, providing us ample time to relax and rest for the next day. This ensures quality level work and efficient utilization of the workforce as well.

8. Holidays-

Germany comprises several holidays. Companies in Germany offer a 20 days paid work leave. No such facility is provided by any law or company in America. These 20 days sometimes even extend up to 30 days, which is almost a month, the highest across Europe. About this, people working and living in Germany gave an impressively higher score of 8.4 out of 10 to their work-life balance.

9. Sunday is Sunday!

People in Germany are not allowed to work on Sundays because it is illegal. Sundays are essentially marked as rest days, so people are forbidden. Yes, you read it right. They are forbidden to exert themselves via work on Sundays physically. The government has ensured to ban activities like drilling, driving trucks, throwing recyclable bottles, etc., as they can cause possible noise pollution that can cause disturbance to the resting people in one’s neighborhood and locality.

10. Similar Food and Drink Choices-

The food and drink items available in Germany are quite similar to the ones available in America. Thus, Americans moving to Germany do not find their living difficult to handle. As food is a basic necessity of one’s life cycle, a similar handiness helps reduce the anxiety, stress, and nervousness of moving to a new region of the world. One might think that in a predominantly meat-eating country, the survival of a vegetarian may be difficult. However, this is not the case. Various vegetarian cuisines and dishes are available in Germany that are quite similar to those in America. Thus, it helps reduce the worries of a lot of people. 

These are a few benefits a girl might encounter due to her relocation to Germany from America. Moving from Germany to the US sure isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of mental courage and stability. One needs to plan well, keeping in mind all the pros and cons of shifting. 

While there are only benefits mentioned above, we must also be aware that just like a coin has two faces, every situation also has merits and demerits. However, we should never underestimate the merits in comparison to the demerits. A careful analysis is always the need of the hour. If there are ample merits, then one should definitely take a risk irrespective of all odds, as it will surely yield good productive results in the future. All we ever desire for ourselves is a happy and fulfilled life. Relocation can be a highly scary and frightening experience, and one might even feel aversive to it. However, it is not something over Mars. It is pretty much accessible, and everyone who dares to make a good life out of it can do so with determination, hard work, and confidence.

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