Can Americans Live In Costa Rica? - Earthrelo
Can Americans Live In Costa Rica? - Earthrelo
  • November 29, 2021

Do you dream of waking up every day and watching the sunrise on the beach, having a potluck party with your neighbor friends on a seashore every single day? Or want to buy fresh and organic vegetables directly from the farmers on the side of a road? Then you need to move to Costa Rica Now!

From abundant wildlife to the magnificent surfable beaches, this tropical paradise has everything to attract you to spend your retirement life or even spend a few years of your life here. Costa Rica has topped the charts of the happiness index, attracting more than 50 thousand North Americans every year to spend their retirement in this breathtakingly beautiful country.

Whether you are a nature enthusiast, surfer, or Expat retiree, Ticos – The locals will always welcome you with their whole hearts! But even if the everyday sunny beach life looks fascinating from far away, it can be not easy to get absorbed into for Americans if you are in this country for a long haul.

Now, if you live in the USA or any part of northern America, you must have several questions in mind: Can Americans live in Costa Rica for a longer period? And if yes, it is feasible, then can I move to Costa Rica from USA? For a long period in the most fitting way.

To answer all of your queries and make your voyage to Costa Rica more convenient, it would not hurt to do a bit of research before taking a flight to Costa Rica. Then let’s go and take a brief tour of Costa Rica and go through multiple elements if you are actually planning to move to Costa Rica from the USA as an Expat.

The Weather

Undoubtedly, the weather of the USA and Costa Rica is like two poles apart. But the warm tropical weather is the main selling point to the Expats that brings them here. Costa Rica mainly has two seasons Rainy season and the dry season. May to November is the rainy part, and from December to April, it would be dry and sunny out there. Although, both seasons have a different charm in them. In monsoons, you can just snuggle inside your house and watch the rainstorm, and in the dry season, you can just indulge the sun on the beach and practically have coconut water more than the regular water on a daily basis.

The Safety

Costa Rica has its fair share of crime rates, but it can be considered relatively safe. However, the U.S Department of State advises Expats to take a fair amount of precautions while living in Costa Rica. 

The rate of violent crimes is quite low in the country. Yet, the petty crime rate is pretty high, so it would be wise to take minor precautionary steps like not giving even the slightest indication of wealth and paying extra attention to your surroundings.

The Quality of life

Sure, families and retirees can find a delightful high-quality nature-rich lifestyle in Costa Rica, but more than that, it gives you a needed pause from the hustle and bustle of your fast-paced life.

In Costa Rica, You can wake up at the sound of crowing roosters and spend pleasant evenings under the naked sky with the beautiful view of the sunset and live music every single day!

And thanks to its heavy emphasis on sustainability, Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries on the charts of the Happy Planet Index.

Apart from these three attributes, you should also consider other elements like the housing facilities and visa requirements before booking your flight tickets to Costa Rica right away. 

As far as the housing market is concerned, the market is pretty affordable and could get you a decent place in half the rent price compared to the USA. And if you are planning to stay less than 90 days, you wouldn’t need a visa, but for a longer period than that, you can take advantage of one of the long-term visa programs like the Pensionado Program.

To conclude, from the sunshine, beautiful ocean, to the dance parties, Costa Rica has everything that a soul desires. However, there will be times where you would find dead zones with no coverage of network or mail connections during the storms. How will you get your belongings shipped safely to yourself without any damage in such a tough time? At that time, we came into the picture.

Earthrelo has a robust network of reliable and experienced international movers experts that can facilitate the process of your move to Costa Rica or, in other words, we answer your main question about how to move to Costa Rica from the United States, perfectly!

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