How Can I Transport My Dog Across the Country? - Earthrelo
How Can I Transport My Dog Across the Country? - Earthrelo
  • December 27, 2021

Making a vast move does not need to be traumatic for your fur friend. To keep them calm and safe, there are several steps that you should take as an owner. 

The key here is patience. As you consider moving across the country, you need to consider quite a few decisions to analyze how your beloved pet will make up for the final destination. Bear in mind: They are not used to adapting environmental changes immediately like humans are. Hence, it is necessary to understand their side. 

Here is an informed guide for your four-legged family member to help you transport dogs across country. Let’s start with the discussion. 

    1. ROAD TRIP 

If we do a wild guess, you’re always up for doing more things with your dog, be it when you hang out at a dog-friendly restaurant or chill out at a dog park. However, long road trips are the ideal way to travel for both humans and your pooch. Road tripping is often the most wanted solution to reduce travel anxiety as well. 

The best part: You don’t have to hand off your dog to be stored away from you. 

Pro Tip: Traveling from the US to another country should not be done in a day. You must take some extra time to study the location to ensure finding good dog-friendly activities. Make sure you take enough breaks throughout your journey and give your friend a chance to run around and stay active. 

      • Bus

Traveling across countries from the US on a bus is an excellent idea. Besides saving you money, bus trips help you cut down on your carbon emissions. 

If you consider transporting your dog across the country in a bus, do thorough research and verify the pet policy with that particular bus line. Most of the van/car transportation is quite transparent when it comes to allowing your beloved pets on board. In case your dog is for medical purposes or emotional purposes, you will be able to take your companion along with you for the ride. 

If you got a bus line that displays a green light, you should think about how the ride might affect your dog. Buses usually stop many times while going from one place to another. Hence, the entire trip can be longer than estimated. 

However, this indicates you will find enough time to stretch your legs and do your business. Additionally, check-in with the bus line if you have to put your dog in a travel carrier or need to leash your dog only. 

Several bus lines might also ask you to carry proof stating your dog is up to date with all their vaccinations. Moreover, if you think your dog gets nervous by people, it’s best to opt for other accommodations. 

    1. AIR TRIP 

Airplanes are the quickest mode of transportation. However, there are several rules to consider when it comes to smaller dogs. Generally, no dog heavier than 20 pounds or a carrier. You can even care if you are in your main cabin. 

If your dog is too huge, you’ll need to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your dog is prepared for the flight. Moreover, as per the Department of Transportation, short-faced dogs like Bulldogs are at high risks while in flight. This happens due to the heart or respiratory issues occurring with these breeds. 

As a dog owner, you must know the heart risks if you have an older dog. Several health issues that pets face have led PETA and Humane Society to state that pet owners cannot transport their pet into the other cargo hold of the airplane. Generally, when animals are transferred to the cargo area, they get exposed to poor airflow, extreme temperatures, and loud environments that eventually cause them to panic or freak out. 

All in all, flying can be stressful for dogs of any age. However, the majority of them make it safely to their new home. Hence, make sure you do your research, consult your veterinarian, and decide what is best for your dog. 


Now, if you can not go on a road trip with your friend, the safest method to transport dogs across country is to ship them anywhere in the country via a certified shipping company. 

An ideal company will take care of all the personal needs of your needs no matter where you transport them to. Go for companies that offer ground transport options. In certain cases, dog transportation does not even need a cage. 

These private transports enable dogs to ride in the back of minivans accompanied by their favorite bed and toys. Moreover, regardless of the solution, an ideal company will also make sure your dogs are walked every 4 hours. Typically, the company must specialize in handling every breed of dog. From handicap to large. 


In case you don’t wish to undergo the large freight shipping company headache, you can even ask your friend to be your companion and get along with you and your dog to the final destination by car. There are a lot of individual contractors that deal in transporting dogs from the US to other countries. Make sure you connect with them properly. 


Well now, this might sound crazy but, listen. Every dog wishes to be a salty dog. And guess what! What else can be better than transporting your pet from the US to another country via sailboat? 

Although the method might take a bit longer than the usual one, waterways are stress-free and the most enjoyable experiences of all time. If you are equipped with all the money, time, and resources, you can choose waterways. 


With this, we come to the end of this guide. Your dog is your best friend, right? Hence, don’t you think they deserve safe travel too? Well, no matter what choice you decide, you will always want to be clear about your options, understand the risks, and then make the best decision for your fur friend. 

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