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How To Ship A Puppy To Another State - Earthrelo
  • December 29, 2021

If you are having a furry friend in your house, then I can say your house will always be in a cheerful mood no matter how bad the situation is. After you bring a dog to your house, in no time, he will become an important person in your family. 

In a human-dog relationship, you will always witness unconditional love, devoted companionship, and a whole constant entertainment. With that, dogs make us feel less alone and it is proven that dogs upgrade our physical health and encourage us to have healthy fitness.

But let me tell you one thing, taking care of a dog is also really challenging. There can be many problems that may arise and one major issue relating to it is that if you are moving to a new apartment or are on continuous travel, then how will you ship your dog from one state to another state? You might have the query – how to ship a puppy to another state? 

Well, you should not be worried about that because here are the tips that you can find more helpful for you to manage a smooth pet transfer to another state.

Tip 1: Professional Pet Trainer

Sometimes, it is difficult to handle your dog in the moving process. So, to get rid of that experience, you can hire a professional pet trainer. They guide you in understanding your dog’s behavior and creative solutions. Professional pet trainers easily acknowledge dogs’ manners. So, if your puppy is not feeling comfortable during the journey, then the pet trainer would give them suitable medicines. 

With a pet trainer, you have the facility to communicate constantly. You can ask for any photos or recordings of your puppy’s journey.

Tip 2: Pet Transportation Service

With the help of the pet transportation service, it becomes easy for pet owners to ship their puppies across a different state. They are best when working with airlines and sending pets. They help in choosing the best kennel for your dog. They check your dog’s health and go through proper identification. With that, they cover all documentation procedures as well. 

Pet transportation service provides other services like booking quarantine reservations, boarding reservations, and pick up and drop transport facilities to and from airports. They also make sure your dog has proper vaccinations given by a licensed veterinarian so that it will not affect the dog’s health while traveling.

3 Ways To Ship Your Puppy To Another State

Well, you have decided to move to another state and start a new life. Of course, you do not want to leave your cute and lovely family member- your pet puppy in any trouble. Here I have covered several methods on how you can move your pet from one state to another.

    1. Train Transfer

Without any doubt, train is comparatively a cheaper option for shipping your puppy to another state. For that, first, you must communicate with the parcel office of your boarding station. They will issue a booking slip considered as a train ticket for your puppy. The prices may vary based on your journey. 

As your dog will not be allowed within your coach class, there will be a particular dog box available so that your dog can enjoy the journey comfortably. Dog food and drinking water facilities are also delivered in some trains.

    1. Via Road

Why not try the ultimate road trip with your doggy. It is considered one of the safest ways for shipping your puppy to another state. As now you are going via road, you can of course have unlimited rest stops so that he can stretch his legs and have a small walk. 

With little fun on your road trip, you should be aware of veterinary certificates when you cross state borders. While traveling, please consider safety as your utmost priority. Using seatbelts is the safest way for you and your beloved dog. With that, I bet, this road trip will be the most amazing experience you will have with your furry friend.

    1. Air Shipping

An alternate way to ship your dog to another state is via airlines. Before you opt for this option, first you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian no more than 10 days before the flight and should know the pros and cons of this. You just need to follow certain prerequisites and you are good to go. 

First, your dog should be fully vaccinated, and you should be ready with all your paperwork if it is required. If your dog’s size is bigger than the normal ones, then you must go by shipping him/her to the cargo department. They should be carried in a ventilated kennel in regular size. But normally, you can put him/her in a carrier and if that fits under the seat then it can go in the cabin. 

The prices for airlines differentiate depending on their sizes and airlines. 


Earthrelo, is the best international moving company in the US, that not only makes your moving hassle-free, but also takes care of your pet’s moving services. Travel with ease and get settled in a new state of your country. Your furry-friend will give you the same comfort as it did in your previous home. Adopt a new lifestyle with the same old love and comfort.

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