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  • January 20, 2022



Pet relocation is a very difficult job. You must be thinking “what exactly determines the pet relocation service costs?” or maybe asking “How much does international pet relocation services cost?”.

Well, we are here to help you. So, do not panic, we have listed down all possible costs for international pet relocation service.

1. Mode of Travel

  •  Via airline

Major costs for relocating your pet will be covered by airline tickets and pet fees. Pets require extra care during their travel which leads to an advantage for airline companies to charge you more. You will have to check the pet policies with the airline because every airline handles them differently. 

The airline will put your pets in a pressurized and temperature-controlled section. Airline prices are based upon the size of the pet, its destination, and breed. Every airline costs differently so compare the prices before booking the pet ticket. 

If you are shipping your pet domestically then airline charges will be around $200-$400. For an international flight, the airline cost is between $500-$600. There are multiple options to decide the best airline for your pet such as American airlines, Delta, Emirates, Lufthansa, JetBlue, Allegiant, and many more.

  • Travel by road

One of the safest ways to transport your pet to another state or another country is via road. Nowadays, Buses or trains are no longer shipping your pets. Additionally, your pet will need a health certificate while crossing the border to avoid any problems. 

When you are planning to ship your pet via road, you should check the hotels that accept pets. Some hotels have different rooms for pets if you ask. Charges for these rooms are around $35 per day in the low season. But if you are staying in hotels with your pet in the holiday/high season then the cost can rise to $45 per day for small dogs. For peak seasons, hotels charge $85 per day for small dogs, and for big ones, it costs around $100 per day.

This road transportation will cost you between $6000-$6400 when relocating your pet internationally. 

2. Transport To & From Airports

If you are occupied with your work and do not have time to ship your pet to the airport, then you do not need to stress about it. Some companies pick up your pet from your house and will safely transport it to the airport. This company also provides return service like receiving pet from the airport to drop them at their new house. 

An alternative is also available to this situation. You can hire a pet-taxi driver. They charge on a per mileage basis. This is a less expensive option as well as it saves your time and fuel cost. This company’s charges start from $75. Costs depend upon the distance covered, number of pets, and time of the day travel takes place.

3. Buying Or Renting Crates 

Pet relocation service costs include the cost of buying or renting a crate for your pet. There are many crate manufacturers available for you to buy a crate that is pre-approved by airlines such as Petmate sky kennel, Vari kennel, and Petco. 

An appropriate shipping kennel or crate should be made of plastic with a metal front door. There should be no wheels and it has a space lip around the middle. Crate must have ventilation on all sides if your pet is traveling internationally or should have 3 sides for domestic travel. Common crate size are small 21*15*16″, intermediate 32*22.5*24″, and large 40*27*30″.

Travel crates will depend upon the destination and the breed of the pet. The travel crate should have enough space for your pet to turn around and to be in a natural position. Before purchasing any crate for your pet, it is highly recommended that you check if the crate meets the airline guidelines and your pet’s requirements.

The cost for a small travel crate is around $50 while for a large travel crate cost range from $300-$400. If you do not want to invest your money in buying a travel crate, then there are IATA-approved travel crates on rent for your pet relocation.

4. Custom Clearance

Once your pet leaves the airline, he/she must go through customs clearance. In custom clearance, there are additional charges that you need to take care of such as cost of broker, tariffs, taxes/duty, veterinary inspection, terminal fees, and other country requirements. Typically, custom clearance charges range from $40-$600.

5. Import Permits

Some countries require an import permit. With import permits only, your dog can enter those specific countries. Costs pertaining to import permits differ from country to county. For Australia, Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service will approve your request and then they will give a permit. The cost for import permits in Australia is $402.46 per animal. For New Zealand, the import permit charge is $169.36 per animal.

6. Quarantine Fees 

One additional thing that your pet must go through is quarantine. After traveling from one county to another, your pet will be under inspection for some days. For that, you need to pay quarantine fees as well.

Quarantine fees are different in all the countries. For Australia, the minimum stay is 10 days but, in some cases, it extends to 30 days as well. For the entry charge, you must pay $23.72 per animal and then a daily rate will be $20.84 per animal. In australia, there is post-entry quarantine (PEQ) charge which will cost you $862.41.

In the USA, your pet needs to spend at least 30 days in quarantine while in the UK, it is less than in the USA, only 21 days for quarantine. In New Zealand, there is an inspection fee that you must pay. The fee for EU countries is $21.96 while for non-EU countries, the fee is $145.14 per animal.


Pet relocation costs vary extensively. When people are shifting from one country to another or within states, they must figure out the costs first. And if a family has a pet as their family member then they must design their budget accordingly. 

Now you know that pet relocation services cost depends on several factors such as the mode of travel, quarantine fees, import permits, custom clearance, and more. An expert pet relocation company will avail you the best offers so that you can move your pet easily. 

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