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  • January 18, 2022



When you are planning to move across the country or just change your house within the United States, there are so many expenses to manage. And when you are a pet owner, this will become one of the stressful jobs to handle. 

Transporting a pet can create many problems. Costs regarding international pet shipping may vary on many factors such as size and species of pet, distance, required vaccinations, vet services. You have one more option such as hiring a pet shipping company, especially when it comes to international pet shipping. Still, there is a long list of costs involved when you plan international pet shipping.

You must be wondering what will be the international pet shipping costs? How much money should I keep aside when shipping pets internationally? Well, you do not need to worry about that because I have tried to cover up all the expenses that will occur in your pet international pet shipping.

Factors Affecting International Pet Shipping Costs

1. Distance- An Unavoidable Factor

If you choose to ship your dog within the United States., then you must consider ground transportation. But before finalizing this option you should have some calculations regarding the distance. As distance is one of the many factors that impact international pet shipping costs. Because of this COVID-19 situation, very few airlines accept pets.

When it comes to shipping your pet to a close location by group transportation, it may just cost you around $100. But when you think about transporting your pet to another country then it may cost several thousand dollars. 

The cost of pet relocation depends on whether it is a domestic trip or overseas. When you are moving near your neighborhood, you won’t have much distance to cover. And for pet relocation service, it cuts your total expenses as well. For a domestic trip, it may cost you around $1000. This could advantage your pet for fewer hours on a road trip, less human interaction, and fewer problems related to pet transport service.

When you are traveling abroad or to a remote area and choosing road transportation as your shipping option, you will need to classify every cost that occurs during the trip. There are many pet transportation services in the USA which take care of your pet when he/she is traveling internationally. For worldwide traveling, ground transportation costs around $2200- $2400.

2. Size Of Your Pet

International pet shipping rates depend on the size of the pet as well. Whether you have a small cat or a big dog, you have to take out some extra dollars for it. The size and type of your pet will directly affect your costs when you are shipping your pet internationally. Smaller size pets are much easier to handle while traveling hence they are less expensive to ship. 

Why should you think about the size of the pet? The answer is the size of the pet will decide whether you should buy a small crate or a bigger one for your pet. Small crate’s price range between $35 to $200. For a big crate, you can spend around $300 to $571. Based on that, you can manage your pet shipping cost estimate international.

3. Vet Visits and Vaccinations

When you are choosing to ship your dog via air, first you will need a health certificate before 10 days of travel. To make sure your pet is healthy and there is no contagious disease, you must visit the veterinarian. Costs for vet visits differ according to the veterinarian but mostly their price ranges between $75-$250.

Before the travel date, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVM) requires a certificate of veterinary inspection from a certified veterinarian. A certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) will cost you between $50-$200.

Pet shipping international rates include other expenses as well such as giving rabies vaccination. This vaccination certificate should be issued 30 days prior to the travel date or a year for international travel. Rabies vaccinations may cost about $25-$50. There are other tests too like microchip implant which will cost you around the same as rabies vaccination’s price $25-$50. 

Additional health certificates are essential depending upon every country’s requirement. Many countries ask for USDA endorsement when your pet is entering their country. This can cost you between $38-$173 based on your pet.

There are other check-ups as well for your pet before traveling such as blood tests and parasite treatments. These check-ups are more expensive but eventually, it is good for your pet in the end. Your pet needs to go through one health exam which will cost you $50-$250. 

4. Pet Shipping Company

When you are moving abroad, of course, you will stress about your international pet shipping costs. You have so much to consider while deciding your budget for your travel and your pets’. But you should not worry because many pet shipping companies will fully take care of your pet while traveling.

Pet shipping company will take care of services such as pet travel assessment and preparation, building travel plan, booking of pet travel itinerary, veterinarian check-ups, arranging crates for his/her comfort, and handling all the logistics required. Because of their services, this will be less stressful for you.

For an easy process, they sometimes arrange one representative throughout your pet’s travel journey. If you are choosing ground transportation for your pet shipping, they will make sure that your pet’s driver is fully responsible or not.

When you are planning to move within the United States of America, such pet shipping companies charge around $4500. When it is outside of the United States you can make a budget around $5500.

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