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  • January 18, 2022

The love between an owner and a pet is precious and one of a kind. Our pet is one of the best buddies we can have, always accompanying us in all the situations no matter what ups and downs life brings. Pets feel joyous with us and also make us laugh. Even as listeners they prove to be great as they behave as if they know exactly what we’re saying. However like in all the relations humans face challenges with pets too, especially when it comes to traveling with them abroad. 

You will be confused all the while thinking: how will I ship my dog to another state?

Getting pets shipped overseas is often a difficult and unpleasant task as there are ample things and procedures to think about while traveling.  For pet owners who wish to move their dog to a different state for the first time, understanding the principles and methods involved in shipping pets overseas becomes a time-taking and tedious event.  Hiring an expert helps facilitate safe handling of pet logistics, saves time and gives you assured feeling that your pet will be taken care of, and provides overall peace of mind that your pet’s voyage will be handled smoothly and trouble-free. 

Ship Dogs To Another State: Steps To Follow

Step 1: The first step is to get your pet’s vaccination report and alternative health certificates to be based on wherever you’re traveling. Your domestic veterinary will advise you on your pet’s vaccination report. 

Step 2: If you wish to move your dog inside your country, then you’ll select airline or road transport for your pet. The transporter that you book has to inform you of specifics concerning domestic and interstate information. 

Step 3: Whether shipping pets by plane or by car, select the correct carrier/crate for your pet. The first matter you want to think about is the size of the crate which you are about to get for your pet. Remember, it’s essential to bring a crate that not only suits your pet but should also permit them to turn around and perch in it. It has to be leak-proof, padded, and should be made of a solid frame. Select one manufactured from stiff material like wood, plastic, or metal and ensure it has proper ventilation openings on a minimum of 3 sides of the crate. Your crate should have a handle, which helps the person to carry while not getting in contact with your pet. To avoid any problems, you must check the rules of the airline you have selected before traveling. It’s best to inquire to airlines in case they have any special conditions regarding the crate and pet travel. Also, ensure to induce a crate that complies with the International shipping Association.

Step 4: A microchip is usually recommended just in case you are shipping your pet to an extended distance trip. Not each pet requires a chip; however, it all comes down to your preference.  A chip ID offers your pet a long-term identification, that can’t be removed and stays legible for your pet’s life. It holds your contact details and thus will reunite you together with your pet, in case it gets misplaced.

Step 5: Rely on the sequential order of your trip as some airlines prohibit the transportation of animals once extreme temperatures are expected at any of the plane’s stopping points.  If you want to ship your pet throughout the summertime, automobile transport could also be your safest and most reliable alternative. 

Ship Dogs To Another State Comfortably: General Tips 

* It’s possible that your pet gets anxious on a plane journey, particularly once their owner isn’t around them. This is often why we tend to encourage you to create comfy surroundings around your pet within the setting such as taking them to the bathroom before the flight. Such little gestures can create more relaxed feelings for your pet.

* It’s best if you get your pet familiar with the travel crate a couple of weeks before traveling so it can get comfy with it (feed them in it or have them sleep in it at night). Leave one thing with a well-recognized smell within the box for their ease. Place desired pad on their bottom to soak up the fluids generated throughout the shipping.

* Don’t feed your pet simply before traveling since this may make them sick and spoil their cage. In the case of small dogs, they may require to have some food otherwise their energy levels can drop but we recommend getting the right advice from your Vets.

* Take your pets for a pleasant walk before putting them in the crate and also ensure they need to be done all the required doing.


As they say, “A dog is a man’s best friend” and it’s easy to say why it is so. Daily they welcome us at the door when we come back home, provide us with one thing they have for humans in abundance always, their unconditional love. So whosoever animal your pet is, it’s time to show your love to them as well by taking their utmost care while traveling with the right technology, shipping partner, and correct actions. 

We hope you got answers to your query: how to ship my dog to another state. Hire the best  Pet Relocation Company Services and be assured of your pet’s smooth transfer.

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