How To Avoid Moving Scams in Peak Season - Earthrelo
How To Avoid Moving Scams in Peak Season - Earthrelo
  • April 16, 2024

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – moving can be stressful. It’s statistically one of THE MOST STRESSFUL times in a person’s life – right up there with divorce or loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, it’s also a perfect time to prey on those who are just trying to get through a move – and scammers know it! Earthrelo wants to share some tips on how YOU can avoid being scammed and what you should look for in a reputable mover. We’ll show you some of the major red flags below, but first, let’s talk about ways people are getting scammed.


– Fake companies that take your money and then don’t complete the move. These companies sometimes even steal your belongings in the process!
– Companies that hold your items hostage until you pay an exorbitant fee or inflated charges for services you didn’t receive
– The classic bait-and-switch where a company gives you a super-low estimate to win your business but then overcharges upon delivery.

One of the easiest ways to avoid these scams from the beginning is to use a very well – known, reputable company, like Earthrelo, but if you do choose to go with a mover you’re not already familiar with, keep an eye out for the following red flags.


It’s true that not everyone knows the rules for deposits. In most cases, quality moving companies will not require a deposit when booking your move. There are some instances that deposits could be required during peak summer months to reserve a date for the move but this deposit should not be a large fee.

If your mover is asking for cash upfront, that’s a sign of a potential scam. You should always ask follow – up questions such as “Is making a deposit a standard practice for your company?” and “What’s the deposit for?” If you feel that the answers are satisfactory, it might be fine, but you should proceed with caution.


If you’ve ever packed for a road trip or a 3 day vacation, you probably know that it’s hard to estimate how much stuff you can fit in that suitcase. Moving trucks are no different – but times like 1,000. That’s why the pre – move survey is so important.

One of the best ways to avoid a moving scam is to have an accurate in-home estimate completed by a moving professional. You get to meet with your mover, ask questions, and be sure that you’re getting an accurate quote from someone who understands your move’s unique needs.

There’s lots of ways to estimate cost for your move, one of which is based on the size of your home and distance you’re going, but know that these quick estimates are non – binding and will often come with a lot of fine print. Earthrelo is proud to provide accurate move costs to our clients and that starts with the pre-move survey process.


You know the saying “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is” ? Well, if your moving company estimate is super-low compared to other quotes you’ve received – it could be a scam. The bait-and-switch scam follows the idea that your move quote is initially very low which makes it appealing and seems like the best value for your move. However, when the company delivers your goods, they demand a huge price, claiming that you had so much stuff or that the move took longer (or more resources) than expected.

A quality move company will know what resources are necessary for a move and will give you a quote that breaks down what will be included in a no-nonsense quote. When you do get your moving estimate, check it for accuracy and if you have questions – ASK!  Here’s how Earthrelo does our quotes.


Contracts can be confusing and complicated and usually nobody reads the fine print before signing, but before your belongings are being hauled away, you may want to take the few extra minutes.

Your contract (sometimes called “order for service”) is the only thing that protects you from myriad moving scams. Your contract should have clear language that outlines the company’s name, address, and the services being provided, as well as the agreed-upon costs, fees, and insurance policies.

If you find missing information, or if the contract seems to be incomplete, DO NOT SIGN IT! If a mover tells you its “standard” to sign the contract and then fill in later, you could be looking at extra fees that you didn’t agree to.


Moving companies have very cyclical busy seasons which include the summer months of May – August. Many people need to move their belongings while the kids are out of school, and during vacations at work – this increased volume can make it hard to get a hold of your movers if they’re not properly staffed.

The truth is, you’re paying for a service, and you deserve to have support throughout the process of your move. If your mover seems reluctant to answer questions or if they’re always impossible to get in touch with, take that as a big red flag. Many moving scams can be avoided early by just having regular, friendly conversations about the services and costs that your mover provides.


  •  Check the company’s credentials
  • Always Get a Pre – Move Survey
  • Get a Second Quote
  • Check the FMCSA database
  • Look for Company Reviews
  • Read The Contract and Fine Print
  • Ask Questions

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