Packing Materials Blog - Earthrelo
Packing Materials Blog - Earthrelo
  • April 16, 2024

You’re embarking on your international moving journey, and you may be a bundle of nerves and anxious to see your precious items be put in boxes and shipped off. Rest assured that the anxiousness will pass, and you’ll be on your way shortly!

In today’s feature we’re going to talk about wrapping your belongings for safe travel! If you’ve never moved before, you may be surprised to see the sheer amount of paper and cardboard that is necessary to move your belongings! Everything that we touch will be properly packed and wrapped for your move.

There’s a few types of standard wrapping when it comes to international shipping – Paper and Cardboard. While these are not the only materials used, we’d like to start here because there’s often a misconception that paper and cardboard are not as effective as bubble wrap for protection of fragile things like plates, glassware, and other breakables in your home.

How does paper protect your shipment?

We’ll use recycled, unprinted paper for protecting your items during shipping. To begin, crew members will place paper in the bottom of each box to act as a cushion. Each layer of paper is crumpled so that the air between the layers can protect the items from all sides.

After placing a few layers at the bottom of the box, the crew member will now begin to wrap items and place them into the box – being careful to pack items tightly and fitting them so that no item is able to move freely. Additional packing paper will be used to fill any gaps and again on the top of the box before being sealed with packing tape.

So why is paper the best protection?

Our recycled packing paper is ideal for protecting fragile items during your move. We’ll use this acid free and ink free newsprint paper to protect items such as valuables, dishes, glassware, home decor, collectibles, and much more. Packing paper can also help fill open spaces in moving boxes and storage containers to prevent items from shifting during transit.

What about bubble wrap?

You may think that bubble wrap is a great way to protect your fragile items for moving, but it may not be the best option, especially for international moves. Bubble wrap, foam, and sometimes plastic wrap can trap moisture and create condensation over time – which can damage wood furniture, decor, and artwork. Your Earthrelo move experts have extensive experience in international moving and will always handle your items with care.

Where does cardboard come in?

Shipping boxes and corrugated wrap for furniture is a great way to protect your personal belongings ahead of an international move. Cardboard is a strong, durable, and lightweight material and is ideal for shipments of all different shapes and sizes. There’s a variety of benefits of cardboard packaging for your move – which is probably why it’s the go-to choose. What’s even better? Cardboard is recyclable – which means it’s also an eco-friendly option, too!

So, there you have it – the most common packing materials used by Earthrelo crew members. There is one more that we didn’t cover – The Wooden Crate. If you’ve been asked about crating specialty items, you may want to check out our blog: DO I NEED A WOODEN CRATE

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