The Top Ten Reasons to Move to Ireland - Earthrelo
The Top Ten Reasons to Move to Ireland - Earthrelo
  • December 22, 2022

Ireland is a well-known name for the Emerald Isle, positioned in the Atlantic Ocean and to the west of Europe. It has a strong literary heritage that has been infused with a musical element. Its name, Emerald Isle, was given to it because of the lush colors of its surroundings. Its incredible diversity of landforms will enthrall everyone who visits its territory. 

Before your move, an American moving to Ireland would want to know a few things about this island nation.

1. Quality of healthcare

The pandemic has proven that healthcare systems have flaws, even in the most developed nations like the US. The healthcare system is still far from being effective and has several problems. Life can become difficult if you don’t have health insurance. Ireland has achieved top rankings in various WHO polls about the healthcare system thanks to its public and private healthcare systems.

The government funds the public healthcare system while private insurance companies also operate. Both systems have been efficiently catering to the needs of the Irish people.

2. The setting 

The local landscape should also be considered, including employment opportunities, lodging, and gastronomy. Some of us get tired of being surrounded by enormous buildings, hoardings, and billboards and going to bars, restaurants, and cafes on Sundays. We feel as though we have been drifting more and farther from nature. Our daily lives are restricted to cramped office cubicles or apartment rooms.

Moving to Ireland for such persons can best be described as revitalizing. The nation exudes tremendous beauty. It is unique due to the Atlantic seas that batter its rocky shores, stunning scenery, towering cliffs, and scattering of hills.

To discover the country’s remote regions, you can resume outdoor pursuits like hiking, skydiving, surfing, or cycling. You will like it to rejuvenate your physical and mental well-being.

3. Work-life balance 

What if flexible workspaces allowed you to start working at 9 am and finish at 5 pm? That seems ideal for those who are exhausted from their long rigid work hours, doesn’t it? You’ll discover a good work-life balance in Ireland. Along with annual holidays, there are also paid holidays. There is also maternity leave available to female employees. They have decent employees and labor rights.

Following the epidemic, several businesses have taken the initiative to implement flexible working hours and environments. Ireland is, therefore, adept at taking care of its workforce.

4. Business 

Ireland is sometimes known as the “Celtic Tiger” because of the opportunities available to entrepreneurs there. Ireland is a popular choice for international corporations because of its lower taxes and highly qualified workforce. Don’t you want to know what some of these international corporations are called? Some of these include Google, Apple, and Pfizer.

It has also secured a commendable amount of FDI for its enterprise. Despite the effects of the epidemic and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, it appears that this European Union country is doing pretty well.

5. Exceptional education 

Besides its unique environment, history, economic prospects, and music, Ireland also stand out for its superior educational system. A vibrant campus community, international students, a diversified curriculum, and top-notch facilities are offered here. Some of its universities are regarded as among the best in the world. It provides diplomas, undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, and even higher levels of education to its students. In addition to that, scholarships and stipends can lower the cost of schooling.

For an American moving to Ireland, this can sound reassuring as they don’t have to fall into the cycle of student loans.

6. Experience the Celtic traditions

Are you aware that the Celtic Samhain celebration is the origin of Halloween? In a sense, you might say that Ireland is the place of origin for Halloween. Folk traditions are robust, and many in this nation have been maintained. The Irish holidays symbolized the Celtic and Christian traditions carried down through the generations.

Among the holidays observed in Ireland are Beltane, Blooms day, Christmas, and St. Patrick. The ancient Irish tradition thrives alive via storytelling, mythology, and tales. Do you know where the characters for leprechauns and shamrocks originated? It is indeed Ireland. They are fundamental to Irish folklore.

7. Craic 

Irish society is known for the craic. In Ireland, people will frequently inquire about the craic. Don’t be perplexed. It simply denotes gossip, conversation, amusement, or enjoyment. The Irish are reputed to love their craic. They are comfortable around stimulating talk and know how to have a good time.

The fact that Irish people are pleasant, friendly, and cheerful can also be inferred. The nation is renowned for the cheery temperament of its citizens. In this nation, you can develop amicable social circles. Some foreigners have already placed bets on the friendliness of the residents of this island nation. So moving to Ireland will let you experience craic.

8. Music

For the Irish, music is more than just a method of expression; it plays a significant role in who they are. Ireland is known for its rich, varied, and well-liked music. Visit any neighborhood bar to experience the love of music there.

This nation is home to international singers like Hozier and Niall Horan of the band One Direction. Their national emblem embodies their passion for music. Identify what it might be. The harp is their nation’s emblem, a musical instrument. What could be a better illustration of their ardor for music.

9. A safe place

The violence that shook the world has been seen in well-known places, including Paris, Toronto, and Christchurch. Along with that, the attacks on the dome of democracy on January 6 and the notorious gun culture of the US have shown how violence has increased over time. In countries that were once hailed as beacons of liberty and democracy, hate crimes have increased. In such an environment, safety becomes a crucial factor to consider before moving. You can breathe a sigh of relief if you’re moving to Ireland because it’s regarded as one of the safest countries in the world.

Since stricter regulations regulating the ownership of firearms were implemented, the gun culture has not flourished in this country. Even though they are not always armed, the Gardai, also known as police officials, manage to uphold law and order.

10. Cuisine

Ireland is blessed with freshly produced foods like fruits and vegetables because of its beautiful and fertile, lush green land. Irish seafood allows you to enjoy the freshest catch from the Atlantic and is also well-known throughout the world. Try the Irish stew, a pot of meat, veggies, and roots, which should be on your list. For the newcomers, a boxty, an Irish pancake, is a must-have food. You’ll realize that the cuisine didn’t get its due on the world stage yet.


If you are thinking of moving to Ireland, don’t think twice about it. Irish people will welcome you with open arms, thanks to their craic culture. It is regarded as one of the safest nations for foreigners and ex-pats. It is regarded as a peaceful nation. Ireland’s proximity to other European nations gives you a chance to go to those nations while you are there. 

Living in Ireland will also provide you with the chance to take part in the country’s long-standing Celtic culture. It could offer better employment opportunities as it develops as a hub for multinational corporations. If you have children, you may rely on their top-notch educational system to provide a brighter future for your children. You’ll be able to take advantage of the fantastic work-life balance and truly take pleasure in living there. Earthrelo can help make moving easier, no matter how difficult it can seem. Don’t be hesitant to contact them.

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