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  • December 2, 2022

Ireland, an island nation in the westernmost part of Europe, is where beauty comes in many different ways. You will find castles, craggy mountains, tranquil lakes, and stunning cliffs. Here, the weather is temperamental and can change instantly. 

Ireland, though, will be wonderful for you. You might wish to learn a little bit about this country before moving.

  1. The cost of living is high Even more expensive than the UK or the US, this island nation has a high cost of living. Dublin, the nation’s capital, is regarded as one of the most expensive cities to live in. Rent for your residence, electricity costs, and occasionally even food expenses can go beyond your budget. Therefore, if you are moving to Ireland from the US, you should save significantly before doing so. Your money will be able to support you during trying times. Prices can vary depending on the cities that you choose. You can decide to relocate to a city where the cost of living is within your means. You might want to avoid Dublin if you don’t have a big paycheck.
  2. Healthcare system The US healthcare system may be a nightmare for many. When you are expected to spend lavishly despite the poor quality of the services, it is challenging to prioritize your health. Paying for a doctor’s visit out of pocket is common. But in Ireland, the government provides complete funding for the public healthcare system. You should have lived there for at least a year to access it. For an American moving to Ireland, the healthcare system in Ireland will be impressive. If you have used the US healthcare system, you will find healthcare in Ireland reasonably priced. You can afford to schedule an appointment with any professional, including a dentist, gynecologist, or physiologist, even without health insurance, since it’s reasonable. Ireland’s healthcare system was ranked as the 11th best in the world in a 2018 research by the Lancet. Its healthcare system appears to be superior to that of several of its peer nations based on the greater average life expectancy, reduced infant mortality, and lesser incidence of diabetes. The remarkable ratio of 30.9 doctors to patients per 10,000 individuals is quite high. This figure exceeds records held by nations like the UK, the US, and even Norway.
  3. Moody weatherI can tell you that you will always talk about the weather in Ireland. The beautiful scenery carries the weather’s mood changes. Even while it is typically temperate and pleasant, the weather can change unexpectedly. A pleasant day can abruptly turn gloomy and cloudy in a flash. Never forget to bring an umbrella or a coat with you.
  4. Forget the discussion on gun culture. The US has a bad reputation because of its pervasive gun culture and the frequent mass shootings that surround it. People in the US have been split apart by the gun culture issue.  So for an American moving to Ireland, you can leave behind such debates.In Ireland, things differ significantly. First off, the firearms laws are far harsher or more restrictive here. Ireland also has a lower crime rate than other countries. Strangely, not all law enforcement personnel carry weapons. Many of them are unarmed, and only up to 25% of them are allowed to carry guns. Foreigners and ex-pats are welcome here and often don’t experience any prejudice. Numerous surveys have rated Dublin City as one of the nicest cities in all of Europe.
  5. Use public transit to get about the area Going places in the US can be difficult if you don’t own a car. In reality, US highways and roads are made more for the advantage of drivers than for pedestrians. Ireland will alter the course of your life. You should always use public transit to get around the city. Compared to maintaining a personal automobile, trains and buses are more convenient and less expensive. It will be inexpensive for you as well as an effective transportation method. Saving money on transportation will allow you to go across this nation without worrying about costs. You can get around with ease using the double-decker buses and the LUAS tram lines.
  6. Obtain a degree If you compare the education system in the US and Ireland, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are no outrageous tuition costs to obtain a degree in Ireland.In the US, paying for college can be challenging, even if working two or three jobs at once, and we are all familiar with the infamous student loan system. Undergraduate degrees are free thanks to a program called the Free Fees Initiative. Additionally, you can apply for several grants and scholarships to help you pay for your education. Therefore, if you are moving to Ireland from the US, Ireland can be the ideal location for you if you intend to pursue a degree.
  7. A progressive perspective Regarding inclusion, Ireland has been setting the bar high. They made a ground-breaking move in 1993 by outlawing the practice of homosexuality as a crime. LGBTQI+ people have a legal right to protection from discrimination, and there are provisions for changing your gender and coming out. Ireland was the first country to legalize same-sex unions in 2015. In 2017, a head of state who is openly gay was appointed. Abortion became legal in 2018 thanks to a historic referendum. While in the US, the overturning of Roe v. Wade is seen as a step backward in American history. The future of America in the wake of Roe worries a lot of people.
  8. Life Quality Ireland ranked second in the world for quality of life according to the UN’s Human Development Index. Only Norway is ahead of Ireland on this measure. Health, income, and education are the three areas examined in this quality of life study. Ireland has performed better than many other nations in every category, including education, schooling, gross national income per capita, and life expectancy.
  9. Explore You’ll be mesmerized by Ireland’s scenery. Since this country is an island, it has some of the most stunning beaches and rocky coastlines. A must-see sight is the jaw-dropping Cliffs of Moher, a drive around the Dingle Peninsula, or a visit to the Japanese Gardens in County Kildare. This nation is well recognized for its gothic-style fantasy castles. Among the other breathtaking locations are Murder Hole Beach, Leap Castle, and County Donegal. She may be small, but according to Shakespeare, she is fierce.
  10. Finding a home can be challenging. If you are moving to Ireland from the US, you might want to take a few notes. Particularly for foreigners, finding a home in Ireland can be challenging. Rent is increasing in cost. And you might want to be sure you can afford it and maintain it if you decide to live in a city like Dublin. In addition, some well-known websites like vrbo and rent can assist you in finding a place. To avoid issues after you are in Ireland, you might look for a place to stay online before going there. Avoid moving to locations like Dublin if you haven’t been successful in finding a well-paying job. You might select a rural area or other small cities with affordable rent. If you’re single, sharing an apartment with someone else can help you save a little money.


Ireland is a little nation that attracts travelers from all over the world. It is a remarkable area because of the bustling ambiance, the vivid culture, and the kind people who enjoy whiskey and tea. One of the factors luring visitors from all over the world is the high quality of living.

However, moving can be stressful and occasionally inconvenient because it can be challenging to adjust to a whole new climate, culture, tradition, way of life, and social circle. Although English is the primary language there, you might want to learn the local tongue. 

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