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  • September 5, 2021

While the world is globalizing day by day, there is an active opportunity for various emerging countries/cities to mark their way and make a global impact in terms of economy, public welfare tourism and livelihood. 

Everything is on the fleet and you definitely can’t miss some fun countries to relocate to in 2021. 

There is the list of countries you can considering moving to:

1.Auckland- New Zealand 

Life becomes really easy, around nature and fresh air. Auckland is a place known for its scenery and landscapes with great pleasant bright weather. 

Moving to New Zealand is never a wrong decision as it is one of the safest and emerging countries. Also, people tend to be easygoing and friendly there as most of them are immigrants, which means less racism, casteism, with a culture full of love and acceptance. 

2. Melbourne – Australia 

This city tops the chart as the place is one of the most livable cities in Australia. It is stylish, sophisticated and chic with great food and breathtaking European Architecture. Several waves of immigration have hit their way and different cultures and commodities have added their character to the city. 

Moving to Melbourne is fun as it has Trendy Nightlife, fancy Restaurants, and skyscrapers which works well in terms of tourist attractions. 

3. Zurich – Switzerland 

Zurich is well-known for its high standards of living. People in this country are very friendly and have the lowest crime rate. 

Moving to Switzerland, you can expect high standards of living, salary and opportunities offered are also pretty good. 

The city is well-managed with numerous fancy restaurants and a great healthcare system.

Schools here keep a balance between studies and outdoor activities, keeping children active and focused. 

4. Hong-Kong – China

Hong Kong being an Asian country is a welcoming and pretty cultured country. A well-developed country never stops experimenting, and hence, you can see various types of infrastructure and tourist attractions which could be quite rare in any other country. 

This country is known for its exotic flavors and Michelin Star restaurants. 

5. Costa Rica 

A well-known tourist attraction with tropical forests and impressive landscapes also offers a great lifestyle. 

People there not only enjoy the view, but the food, the life and hence have the highest life expectancy in the world. 

To preserve nature and keeping it all flourished, they also have decided to make their country a Carbon Negative country. 

6. Hui – Vietnam 

Vietnam being a small country offers a very affordable cost of living with maximum facilities. People there generally opt for public transportation, as it is very convenient to use. 

In recent times, Hui has been considered as a safe place for foreigners or immigrants to work and live, hence moving to Hui can be a pretty decent idea. 

7. Durham – NC 

Durham can be considered as one of the fastest-growing countries as many youngsters and students consider moving here and start a fresh life. 

The city is filled with numerous colleges and can be considered as a study point. Keeping these facts, it does have low rents and a manageable cost of living. Attractions such as Bars and Restaurants offer traditional cuisines. 

Nevertheless, it does have a love for nature as one can see protected forests, zoos, and sanctuaries nearby. 

8. Phoenix- AZ

Listed in the top 10 fastest growing countries from consecutive years, it has a population of almost 4.76 million people and stands 5th in the USA in terms of population. This Bright country has its own unique identity as the people there are Native Americans, Latin Americans and its west cultures add their contribution to the culture. 

Talking about food, it is majorly influenced by Mexican cuisines and the love for tacos never ends. Several five-star Restaurants with much more drive-through offers food, with comfort and ease. 

9. Singapore 

Singapore being a really young country has achieved it all, it has also become the Global Business hub in recent times, making more employment opportunities and welfare for people. Singaporeans experience a moderate tropical climate here as the country is at the equator. 

With growing countries and opportunities, immigrants can easily lend on jobs related to finance, sales, tech, IT, and economics, hence moving to Singapore can open various doors for you. 

So, these were some of the emerging cities/countries one can consider moving to, in 2021. 

We know, moving to a new city is a really hectic process, so here to make your job easy, Earthrelo helps you move your goods with convenience and ease. 
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