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Being home to almost 3 million people, Toronto is considered one of the top cosmopolitan cities in the globe. More than half of the city’s population belongs to over 200 ethnic groups that speak more than 160 languages. The capital of the province of Ontario, Toronto is the most populous city in Canada. Under a study, Toronto is considered the top expat destination in Canada. Generally, expats feel at home in the city as living facilities are easily adaptable. Alongside, offering a calm atmosphere, multicultural, and thriving metropolis economy, Toronto welcomes a huge number of immigrants every day. The count of expat settlements keeps elevating with the booming economy and job market. Contributing to the global market at a high rate, Canada is a viable destination to consider when it comes to relocating. That said, while you enjoy your new life, allow us to assist you in making an easy and hassle-free move. Handling all the shipping requirements, we are the top international moving company in Toronto Canada.

On that note, if you are all set for your adventurous move to Toronto, read our city guide below to get a precise idea about Toronto! Without further ado, let’s delve into the discussion.

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Relocating To Toronto From US

While relocating, one thing that needs utmost attention is the cost of shipping. That said, shipping goods from US to Toronto can be a little expensive based on the distance. On an average basis, if you are moving from NYC to Toronto, it will cost you around 800 CAD (600 USD). However, if you move from Auckland, New Zealand to Toronto, it will cost you around 8000 CAD (6000 USD). However, bear in mind that the average cost of living in Toronto is higher as compared to any other city in Canada. Hence, while you consider relocating to Toronto, ensure keeping all the factors and essential aspects including monthly rent, public transportation, cost of groceries, housing and accommodation, etc. in mind.

If you are moving to Toronto, we at Earthrelo are right here to assist you with every step of your move. Give us a call today to schedule your in-home survey. Offering cost-effective rates for shipments, we provide door-to-door freight shipping service by calculating the rates as per your preferences and desired services.

US Expat Destinations In Toronto

Toronto is an excellent expat destination to stay in Canada. However, if you are considering relocation to Toronto, here are a few popular expat destinations in the city that you can consider while you stay in Toronto.

Kensington Market

Ideal for students, this place is situated in downtown Toronto. It is reasonably priced, offers an eclectic feel, and has an excellent and vibrant atmosphere. The area is perfect for young people who prefer moving around the city without a car.

Liberty Village

Suitable for young professionals, the community is right here. You can find decent apartments at cost-effective rates with tons of job opportunities. Situated right next to downtown Toronto, living here gives an industrial feel.

Young And Eglinton

Famous for young professionals, the area is popularly known as ‘young and eligible’. The place offers a vibrant atmosphere with excellent theatres, comedy clubs, restaurants, and nightlife. The area is safe and ideal for expats who love socializing.

Lawrence Park South

If you are moving to Toronto with your kids, you can consider this area. The community is home to every little requirement when it comes to raising a child. It has good schools, outdoor clubs, shops, swimming pools, parks, sports grounds, etc.

Bonus Fact: Toronto is best suited for single individuals. The city of Toronto is refreshing and home to a vibrant and diverse population. Most of the population ranges in the age of 15-29. Out of these, around 82% of young people are single. According to a report, Toronto stands at 24th rank out of 100 cities in a worldwide comparison when it comes to selecting the best cities for singles.


Working in Canada has always been more rewarding when compared to the US. In fact, if you are used to working with an American work schedule, you will be happy to know that the country offers exciting annual leave, maternity and paternity leave, and sick pay as well. Being the financial and business capital of Canada, Toronto is experiencing fast and rapid growth in the technological market. This makes it the 8th most popular destination for global tech workers. If you have a good qualification in this field, several industries are waiting for you in Toronto.

With the cut edge society, Toronto is seeking experts including,

  • AI researcher
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Live Chat Agent
  • Automation Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer

Besides this, Toronto offers lucrative opportunities for working professionals who do not work in the finance or technological sector.

Average Salary In Toronto

Under reports, the salary offered in Toronto has risen to 2% between 2018-2019. On an average basis, the salary offered in Toronto is around 59,000 CAD (44,500 USD).

Technological Sector

Being the fourth largest technological workforce, Toronto seeks young minds and new talent each day. In addition, Tech firms in Toronto including Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Shopify, etc. pay the highest salaries in the job market.

Salary For The Top Technology Jobs In Toronto

Job Title Salary In Canadian Dollar (CAD) Salary In US Dollar (USD)
Software Engineering Manager 110,000 85,000
Software Architect 105,000 80,000
Senior Development Operations (DevOps Engineer) 95,000 72,000
Senior Software Engineer 95,000 72,000
IT Manager 90,000 70,000
Senior Java Developer 90,000 70,000
Senior .NET Developer 85,000 65,000

Salary For The Top Financial Services Jobs In Toronto

Job Title Salary In Canadian Dollars (CAD) approx. Salary in US Dollars (USD) approx.
Investment Manager 95,000 72,000
Finance Manager 85,000 65,000
Business Analyst 80,000 60,000
Branch Manager 75,000 57,000
Project Manager 73,000 56,000
Senior Java Developer 70,000 53,000

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Healthcare in Toronto is quite affordable. It caters to every individual in Canada including expats. The Healthcare system in Toronto rotates around the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Funded by taxpayers, this insurance plan covers all the essential medical assistance including basic treatment, family doctors, and emergency services.

Below is a quick and easy hospital guide district by district in Toronto. Each of these hospitals is linked up with the University of Toronto medical program.

Downtown Area

  • St Michael’s
  • Toronto Western
  • Sick Kids Hospital
  • Toronto Grace Hospital


  • West Park Healthcare Centre
  • Etobicoke General Hospital
  • Trillium Health Care Centre

North York

  • Baycrest
  • North York General
  • North York Branson
  • Sunnybrook Healthcare Centre

Finding A Doctor In Toronto

Being a resident of Toronto, you can easily find your doctor by several search tools available on the web. The tool gives you a list of nurses, family doctors, medical practitioners, and specialists. You can even contact a reliable doctor by using the Ontario Government Website.

Services offered by a family doctor:

  • Referrals to specialists
  • Providing prescriptions for certain medications
  • Diagnosing and treating minor health issues
  • Provide support with chronic health conditions
  • Offer regular physicals, checkups, and screening tests.

Housing And Accommodation

Well, finding affordable housing and accommodation in Toronto can be challenging. However, the average rent for housing in Toronto depends on the accommodation. Canada offers apartments and condominiums for expats. Here’s the difference between them:


Generally owned by a company or an individual, these are buildings that are made of several individual apartments. They can either be rented/let.

Average Rent Price In Apartments

Apartment Type Average Rent In CAD Average Rent In USD
1-bedroom 1900 1400
2-bedrooms 2350 1750
3-bedrooms 2450 1850


Owned by distinct individuals, different condominiums or ‘condos’ in the same building are rented/let to expats for their stay in Toronto.

Average Rent Price In Condominiums

Condominiums Type Average Rent In CAD Average Rent In USD
1-bedroom 2170 1621
2-bedrooms 3568 2666
3-bedrooms 4450 3326

Currently, there are tons of condominiums constructed in Toronto. Although it is a good point as new construction calls for new places to reside, bear in mind that condominiums cost more than renting an apartment.

Cheapest And Most Expensive Areas In Toronto

Since 2016, Toronto has seen a great hike in terms of accommodation prices. The most expensive places that expats may consider for renting a one-bedroom apartment include the areas of Rosedale, Bay, Blood-Yonge, Summer Hill stations, etc. Few cheap rent prices for 1-bedroom apartments include the east of the city like the Main Street, Coxwell, Victoria Park Stations, Woodbine, etc.

Visa And Registration

In case you are relocating to Toronto for work, you are required to pass a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). In addition, if you get an LMIA, your employer must display that hiring an expat can benefit the Canadian job market and not affect the job market.

Requirements And Documents

Expats who are hired via the International Mobility Program do not require an LMIA but a work permit. This involves workers under the agreements like,

  • The Canada-Chile FTA (Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement)
  • NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
    GATS (General Agreement On Trade In Services)
  • The Canada-Peru FTA (Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement)
  • The Canada-Colombia FTA, Canada-Korea FTA
  • CETA (Comprehensive Economic And Trade Agreement)

That said, athletes and coaches, business visitors, aviation accidents, incident investigators, civil aviation inspectors, convention organizers, clergy, and a few others do not require a work permit.

Quick Facts About Toronto

Capital Toronto is the capital city of Ontario.
Currency Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Population 6,254,571
Official Language English
Dialing Code 416,647,437
Emergency Number 911
Driving On The Right Side

Education In Toronto

Education in Canada is phenomenal. With this, Toronto is no less when it comes to offering the ultimate schooling and educational facilities. Canada offers a mandatory education for students with a legal right to study up till class 12. There are no tuition costs for a 1st-12th grade. Besides public schools, Canada has outstanding private schools as well.

Elementary schools in Canada offer kindergarten years for kids under the age group of 4-5. It offers education from grades 1-5th/8th. Middle Schools in Canada are available for Grades 6-8. The high schools/secondary schools are available up till 12th Grade. Schooling in Canada generally ends with the age of 18. Expats can even consider the French Immersion schools that have a French curriculum. These schools are open for all English and French speakers. Such schools consider teaching in English right from the 4th grade and design curricula for students who are not aware of the French language.

International Schools And Universities

Canada is home to several private international schools. Toronto too holds excellent schools that offer Canadian, French, German, and International Baccalaureate curriculums. There are separate girls and boys schools as well. In addition, universities in Canada are no less. The University Of Toronto is ranked 32nd place in the world University ranking and 1st in Canada. Several other universities include York University and Ryerson University.

Cost Of Living In Toronto

Although the cost of living in Toronto is quite high, there are lucrative opportunities for expats here. Below is a detailed list of the cost of living in Toronto. Let’s have a look.

Meal at an Inexpensive restaurant 20.00
Milk (1gallon, regular) 11.55
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1lb) 2.59
Rice (1lb, White) 1.48
Eggs (regular, 12) 3.46
Apples (1lb) 1.82
Water (1.5 liter bottle) 2.00
Bottle of Wine (mid-range) 16.00
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 3.18
Cigarettes (Pack of 20, Marlboro) 16.00
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 161.15
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) 0.35
Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data,Cable/ADSL) 73.37


Moving to a whole new city is an exhilarating decision to make. However, with excellent schooling, job market, and government facilities for expats, relocating to Toronto from US is a brilliant decision and one can never go wrong with it. At Earthrelo, we offer the most efficient international moving services to Toronto. Providing a top-notch set of relocation services, we take care of all the custom processes as well. Alongside, we also take care of the safety and security of your goods. Being the ideal US to Canada movers, we deal in a comprehensive range of services including packaging, shipping, and unpacking at affordable rates. Being licensed US to Canada Movers, our team of experts is dedicated to providing the most efficient transportation services to help you move quickly. Connect with us today and get FREE quotes along with top shipping advice at affordable rates.

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