The Ultimate Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need - Earthrelo
The Ultimate Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need - Earthrelo
  • October 10, 2020



8 Weeks Before You Move Checklist - Earthrelo

8 weeks before you move checklist:

1. Research moving services

Now it will be an excellent time to start planning on how you want to move. Are you planning to do it yourself? We recommend you hire professionals like Earthrelo. You can start by looking for options and your moving budget. If you are planning to get relocation experts’ help, check earthrelo, a highly reputed and reliable relocation company. With them, your move will be guaranteed into good hands.

2. Create a new folder on google drive or dropbox as “moving.”

Since you cannot remember every detail of gathered information, store it in an online folder as backup. It is always good to take a picture with your phone of all the information you have gathered or the research. You can store multiple quotes, receipts and information related to packing, moving tips, and other documents or forms in an online storage system such as google drive or dropbox

3. Decide a budget for your moving expenses. 

We know you want to buy nice fancy curtains for your new place but also want to hire professional movers. Maybe deciding on your priorities and budget is a good idea, right?

4. Research and choose a school for your kids. 

Kids and their education is always a high priority. Start looking for schools in your new area online or else through local guides. 

5. Make a list of questions to ask movers.

It will be a good idea to have a few questions or concerns to discuss with the relocation company. 

6. Find a roommate

Finding a suitable roommate can be a lengthy process. If you plan to have a new roommate, you should start with posting about it on online websites. 

7. Have a conversation with your kids about the upcoming move

Relocating to a new place can be stressful and affect family members’ lives in multiple ways. Perhaps discussing the future move with your kids will be a good idea. 

8. Give notice to your homeowners or renters insurance company.

It is advisable to notify your landlord about the upcoming move in advance. Do not forget to contact your insurance agent or insurance company to inform them about the move date, coverage, and insurance plan.


7 Weeks Before You Move Checklist - Earthrelo

7 weeks before you move checklist:

9. Schedule in-home or virtual estimates with a reliable moving company

Schedule an in-house or virtual estimate from multiple moving companies. Get an estimate from a reliable moving company here for a stress-free move.

10. Carefully read over documents before signing anything. 

It will be helpful to have yourself familiar with a list of documents you will be receiving and required from moving companies. 

11. Ask for help from friends for a DIY move.

More helping hands is always helpful, especially when you plan to do the whole moving process by yourself, which can be very stressful and tiring.

12. Book a truck rental in advance

You will need an excellent truck to move all your packed goods to the new destination. Start checking for truck availability and rates beforehand. 

13. Lease a storage unit if necessary. 

Most of the time, there are many furniture or household goods that need to be stored before it reaches the destination or before you are ready to unpack and set up the whole house. Start looking for storage service provides. It is advised to start by calling a moving company.


6 Weeks Before You Move Checklist - Earthrelo

6 weeks before you move checklist:

14. Schedule the movers date and time

Now that you have all the necessary information and received estimates schedule the moves.

15. Collect or order all the necessary moving supplies. 

Instead of buying the moving boxes, it will be a good idea to collect the free boxes. You can collect the moving boxes from places like restaurants, liquor, grocery, office supply stores, or local bookstores, willing to give it away for free.

16. Make travel arrangements

Start making necessary travel arrangements before you actually start packing, 

17. Contact an update your health insurance provider.

Contact your health insurance provider to inform them about your planning move and update your personal details. Also, collect information about health service providers from your destination area. 

18. Inform your kid’s school about your move

Every new school your kids will attend is required the transcripts from the old school. Hence request the transcripts for your kids’ current school to prepare for a new school.

19. Keep track of all tax deductibles.

Make a note of all the moving expenses, which are tax deductibles.

20. Check on auto insurance and homeowners insurance.

Keep all the personal details, especially residential and mailing addresses, updated. 


5 Weeks Before You Move Checklist - Earthrelo

5 weeks before you move checklist:

21. Begin using refrigerated food, frozen and pantry items

It would be smart to start using the food items from your fridge and pantry before moving. That way, you don’t need to carry additional food during the move. Also, you have the option of donating the non-perishables to your local food bank. 

22. Start planning for the packing process.

Now that you have collected all the material you need for packing. Start deciding the timeline for boxing up your things before you start putting stuff into moving boxes. Start packing with the non-essentials first and pack essentials at the end. Non-essential things include things you won’t need in the week of the move, such as house decor items and novels and electronics. Essential things include clothing, toiletries, kitchen items, etc.

23. Look up packing hacks.

Research packing hacks to make your work effortless. 

24. Plan and host a garage sale

Plan and host a garage sale to get rid of old and non-necessary stuff from your household. This way, you can get rid of excess items and make a few bucks in the process.

25. Donate possessions

It is always helpful to move with as few belongings. Start by deciding which things you need to get rid of or don’t need. You can contact local shops like goodwill to schedule a pick-up for larger furnishings, free-of-charge. This donation receipts will be helpful for you for tax season.

26. Sell less-used refurbished items.

Use online marketplaces such as craigslist or Facebook to sell less used or refurbished goods from your house. 

27. Decide whether to take appliances.

Book an appointment and schedule an appliance service company. They will help you prepare all your appliances for a move on before moving day.

28. Update all memberships

Since most of the memberships require a prior 30-day notice before you freeze or cancel the membership, contact all the community organizations. Don’t forget to contact your local gym or club memberships.


4 Weeks Before You Move Checklist - Earthrelo

4 weeks before you move checklist:

29. Have your vehicle serviced

Whether you are shipping your car or planning to drive to move out of state, get your vehicle serviced. Schedule an appointment with your local auto repair shop or local dealership to check on tires, fluids, and breaks.

30. Empty your car before shipping your car. 

Do not leave anything inside the vehicles, especially the spare tires and jacks, which are likely to go missing. 

31. Contact auto shipping service provider

If you plan to ship your vehicle to your new place, start contacting car shipping service providers. Have all arrangements ready for car shipping about one month in advance. 

32. Start the packing process.

Start packing by boxing up non-essential and seasonal household first. Pack all the fragile and expensive items with extra care. It is always a good idea to label all your moving boxes using different colored stickers or tape. Don’t forget to keep all your essential documents separately.

33. Create items list before loading the moving truck.

Start by listing down all the inventory before they go on the moving truck also keeps track of which value is placed in which moving box. 

34. Track and mark the moving boxes with fragile items

Make sure to place the light, fragile items box above the heavy, strong item box. 

35. Disposal of hazardous items

Many hazardous and flammables such as paint, aerosols, fertilizers, propane tanks, loaded guns, fire extinguishers, gasoline, fireworks and pool chemicals are not allowed during the move. Make proper arrangements to dispose of those hazardous items by visiting your local hazardous waste facility drop-off.

36. Verify and finalize the moving date and time with the moving company

Contact your chosen moving company representative to confirm the moving day time and date. Don’t forget to discuss the parking and elevator.

37. Explore temporary housing options.

Are you in need of temporary housing in your destination city? Start checking online listings for short term housing rental on websites like or Airbnb.

38. Inform friends and family members about your move. 

Tell your local friends and family friends about your upcoming move. Try to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. Announcing about your moving on social media is an easy and time-saving way to let others know that you are moving.


3 Weeks Before You Move Checklist - Earthrelo

3 weeks before you move checklist:

39. Forward mail with usps

Visit and select the date you wish to start forwarding your mail to your new address. Also, look for options to rent a PO box in a new city. 

40. Arrange babysitter or child daycare

Relocating to a new place can be hectic and tiring, along with babies or small children. Arrange the babysitter or children daycare on moving day.

41. Schedule utility transfer and installation dates

If you plan to move to a new city, start looking for utility companies in a new area. It’s a good idea to have your cable and electricity wifi turned on at your new place before moving in. 

42. Decide on gardening and plants. 

Moving companies cannot move your plants because of state regulations to avoid the spread of pests and diseases. Try to find a new house for your beloved plants. 

43. Pay parking tickets

Pay any unpaid parking tickets online or by mail. 

44. Update social security & Medicare mailing address

Do not forget to update your residential and mailing address before moving if you receive social security or Medicare benefits.


2 Weeks Before You Move Checklist - Earthrelo

2 weeks before you move checklist:

45. Forward medical records and transfer medical prescription

Contact your doctor and dentist offices to inform them about your planned move and have your medical records transferred. Also, transfer your medical prescription to the pharmacy store closest to your new place.

46. Have a look at the new house blueprint.

Study your new home’s blueprint to plan the furniture arrangements so you can plan for unpacking accordingly. This way, relocators will know where to shift your belongings in the house.

47. Book new furniture or decor for your new place.

If you plan to buy new furniture such as a couch or dining table set for your new place, book it at least two weeks in advance. 

48. Confirm parking options for your moving truck.

If hiring professional movers like earthrelo, be sure to let them know the parking details as soon as possible. In some cases, a special parking permit is required.

49. Schedule home repair or painters for a new house.

Schedule a date and time beforehand for your new house’s painters unless you plan to paint your home yourself. 

50. Schedule painters for new home

Unless you’re planning to paint the home yourself, you’ll need to hire professionals for the job. Those looking for painters to paint the

new house before moving in will need to schedule a date and time beforehand.

51. Visit veterinarian with your pets and request copies of vet records.

Take your pets to the veterinarian and do the final necessary check-up before moving and obtaining all shot and vaccine records.

52. Keep bank account & credit card billing address updated

Update your bank account and the credit card billing addresses online or over the phone.

53. Request time off work for moving day.

Taking a day off on Friday is always a good idea since that gives you enough time to be organized and prepared. Request your employer to get a day off the work. 


The Week of Moving Checklist - Earthrelo

1 week before you move checklist:

54. Do two weeks worth of meal prep

Start by looking for some tasty meal prep ideas, and do not forget to use everything in the freezer. 

55. Check weather update

Keep track of the weather so you can be prepared in case of rain or snow.

56. Run last minute errands

Make sure you finish running any last-minute errands such as dry cleaning, emptying the gym locker, and returning the items back before moving day. 

57. Do a final walkthrough with your landlord. 

Inspect the old home with the landlord before moving out. Make a note of all damages that could be deducted from your security deposit. 

58. Don’t leave packing kitchenware & essentials until to last minute.

It’s time to finish up the packing process by boxing up kitchenware and other essentials.

59. Arrange the final trash removal & recycling

Drop off the trash at your local dump and recycling center before you move. Request neighbors to place back your trash cans back to its dedicated location if possible. 

Day before moving 

60. Pack suitcases & essentials to carry with you

Make sure you have packed all the important suitcases you plan to take with you on moving day. It would also be a great idea to have your special moving day box ready with all the essentials. 

61. Tell neighbors about your move

Take a break. Do the final catch up with your neighbors. This will also be an excellent time to return borrowed items from neighbors, family, and friends. 

62. Keep cash for a tipping movers

Tipping movers is a welcome gesture for a relocation well done. If you plan to tip your movers, head to the ATM now to get cash for moving day.


Moving Day Checklist - Earthrelo

Moving day checklist:

63. Set the alarm and get up early on moving day.

64. Have water bottles or energy drink on-hand

65. Carry the inventory list with you.

66. Do a final cleaning and sweeping of the house.

67. Visit the landlord or leasing office a hand over the keys.

68. Do not forget to tip your movers. They worked hard to make it stress-free for you. 


1 Week Post Move Checklist - Earthrelo

One week, post-move checklist:

69. Start unpacking. 

70. Clean the new house

71. Check on the return of the security deposit

72. Explore the neighborhood

73. Change the door locks.

74. Figure out trash pickup days

75. Install a new home security system.

76. Check smoke alarms

77. Schedule for pest control

78. Change your IRS address

79. Update address for social security benefits within 10 days of a move.

80. Establish domicile in the new state

81. Update driver’s license

82. Register to vote

83. Baby-proof the new home

84. Register your pet

85. Schedule an electrician

86. Say hello to your new neighbors

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