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How To Move To Sweden From US - Earthrelo
  • August 23, 2021

Move To Sweden From US

The exquisite quality of living, a robust education system, and prime employment opportunities are one of the top reasons why people consider moving to another country.

Suppose, if you get everything in the basket, what would you do? Sure, nobody wants to miss an opportunity like this.

Sweden, a country of Vikings, is rich in many terms. If we let the numbers speak, the Global Good country Index rankings clearly reveal this largest Scandinavian country as an ideal country that one could imagine living in!

By exploring the current trends, anyone can observe that more and more American people are moving to Sweden from US or considering moving; the prominent reason behind it is its sustainability. 

And of course, how can we forget its rich Swedish culture?

There will be few aspects that one needs to consider while considering moving to Sweden as; if you haven’t done your research properly, you can find numerous fundamental cultural shocks in this Scandinavian country, especially when you are moving from any western country like the USA.

Apart from that, taking a few preventive measures can save you a lot of time and energy later than doing it beforehand.

To save you from a tiresome moving process, here is the compiled list of attributes needed to be considered while planning out your relocation to Sweden for a long period.

1. The resident permit

Apply for the proper residence permit before you commence your moving process from your native country itself. Although, if we are talking about American citizens, they will get a permit for more than 90 days of their stay in the country.

You need to apply through the Swedish consulate in the USA, filling in the documents like your bank statements, return ticket, proof of your insurance, and documents of other permits as well.

2. Cost of living

Calculating the total cost of living of you and your family in Sweden is crucial. As everyone has a budget and exceeding that limit can affect your standard of living quite inversely.

The cost of living in Sweden is comparatively high, especially when you are residing in the country’s capital, Stockholm. If you are planning to rent a one-bedroom hall kitchen, the cost can start from $3000 as per your requirements.

One can calculate the educational or medical expenses separately.

3. Get your ID

Getting your Swedish resident ID card seems the immediate step that needs to be taken. As from this ID number, you can commence your monetary transactions by opening an account in the local bank right away.

Apart from bank transactions, this ID number will be applied to access several other public services, such as medical checkups or national postal services.

4. Finding a Job or start a business

Finding a job in the Swedish job market is kind of a tough nut to crack, especially as a native English speaker, as there are a significant amount of people who live in Sweden speaking English to grab the very next opportunity of employment.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s never harmful to learn a few Swedish slang of Swedish. Furthermore, learning the local language will polish your networking skills in this foreign country and help you connect with more locals in your neighborhood.

And as far as business is concerned, one needs to take various permits and have to register their business in Swedish companies Registration office.

5. The moving process

The moving and shipping process could be a wearing process to anyone, especially while taking a transatlantic journey.

One needs to take care of millions of things, from shipping your stuff to finding the right accommodation while relocating with their family and children. 

In such tedious circumstances seeking external help is a pretty self-explanatory situation. 

Experts advise consulting the local or a well-versed experienced International movers company for your moving process. They will have extensive knowledge of dos and don’ts while moving your stuff and relocating to a Scandinavian country based on their vast years of experience.

Overall, there will be a lot to adjust while moving to Sweden from the USA. However, once you settle in with the locals and the country, it has thousands of things to make you fall in love with. 

However, the settling process can require your precise attention as for big cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, and it’s a bit difficult to settle in without local assistance from any professional services considering its limited resources and the vast population. And you don’t want to start this new journey with any sour memories.

In this tech-savvy era, you are just one click away to begin a new chapter in your life without even a mere thought of anxiety or nervousness.

Relocate in the right direction in the right place without any hurdles or extra processes, contact us to get profound professional moving services. 

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